This week has been all about staying busy.  In my last post, I talked about the process of IVF and what we will be facing in a few short months.  In the meantime, I’m trying to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically as much as I can before we begin our search for the last key.  The hubby and I have had quite a few changes in our lives since we found out IVF would be the course we were taking.  I wanted to share an update with you of what we have been doing and where we are headed!


Our first major change that affected our family was my job change about 2 months ago.  I previously worked as the Shelter Manager at a local animal shelter for over 2 years.   I helped open a brand new 28,000 sq. ft building, hired and trained new staff, and assisted in developing protocols and plans to make the operation function. I managed 4 departments, 30+ staff, lived and breathed animal welfare.  I remember working 17 days straight, averaging 10-12 hour days and thriving off the intensity of the job.  I found myself on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not to mention some of the horrific things I saw one minute and then the complete opposite of the spectrum just minutes later consistently weighed on my emotions but I didn’t mind, this was my passion.  However, my marriage did mind.  I couldn’t remember a time where I wouldn’t be interrupted while eating dinner with my husband and not have to pick up my phone to answer a phone call, text, or email that needed a response.  I also remember a few times, crying uncontrollably telling hubby I couldn’t do it anymore and I had no faith in humanity anymore and being flat out emotionally drained.  What I realize now is I wasn’t putting the same amount of time I spent at work, back into myself or my marriage.  Looking back at it now, I feel my career filled a void. At that time, the shelter was my baby.  When we found out about our unexpected challenges we would face, although I knew my workplace would be very understanding, I understood if I didn’t eliminate the stress and workload of going 90 mph from the time I woke up until I went to sleep, the weight of the stress could determine our success with IVF.  Leaving my career in animal welfare and resigning from my position may been the hardest decision I have had to make to date.  I miss my co-workers who, to this day, are more like family and I also miss the animals everyday but I can honestly say I feel I made the right decision. I now work at a place right around the corner from my house.  I am lucky to work with more amazing people who never make work boring and the environment is positively phenomenal.  The best part of all is work stays at work and when I’m home I get to be at home.

At first it was a huge adjustment not having something work related to do every minute of the day and not knowing what to do with the new found time I had.  I even joked it felt weird waking up with no missed calls, texts, or emails and wondered if people actually liked me.   I am going through a variety stages of what I will call the “Cycle of Time Depletion” to use my newly found extra time.

Stage 1 – Organizing

organizeI think I scared hubby with the amount of items I began throwing out and donating.  I went room by room and purged things that we haven’t used lately.  My rule is we didn’t know we had it or didn’t use it within the last year, it goes.  It gets even crazier when you start organizing things you just organized!  Mind. Blown.

Stage 2 – Pinterest!

hey girl

It’s amazing what happens when you actually start making things from Pinterest.  I’m not talking just pinning.  It got real, people.  I actually started making things I pinned. First, there were wreaths. Lots of wreaths.  Then, blankets.  Next, will be a headboard for our newly organized bedroom (refer to stage 1).  Photo frames, art work, recipes you name it, I’ll try it.

Stage 3 – Even more hobbies

PicMonkey Collage

I began focusing on mastering more skill with my photography.  This is something I have always loved and honestly is a stress reliever.  If you are interested in looking at it or helping me out, check out my photography page by clicking here.  My biggest goal is not necessarily to focus on profiting from portraits but instead to give others the ability to capture their memories at their own price that works for them.  I don’t want money to be an obstacle for others. Photos have played a huge role in my life and I want to pay it forward.
Aside from photography other hobbies include watching sports (GO ROYALS!), fostering for a local rescue, and most importantly hanging out with our close friends.

Stage 4 – Researching and Reading


You know how people tell you not to Google anything health related?  Well, guess who did?  This gir!.  Some things I found were interesting and some things I wish I hadn’t looked up (i.e. YouTube video on IVF Egg Retrieval).  I’ve learned some great tips on dieting and preparing for IVF and other helpful points about dealing with infertility and more about Endo and PCOS.

Something else I recently completed during my research stage was an E-Course developed by AmateurNester’s, Lisa Newton, Preparing for IVF.


Some of you may have read my story when it was featured on her page (click here to read it).I found it to be extremely helpful to hear from her point of view as someone who has completed IVF cycles and what she has learned and her firsthand tips that helped her.  She has offered an amazing discount for those who read my blog, who would like to complete the e-course!  By entering LASTKEY when you register here, you can save 30% and only pay $7 for the entire course!! I highly recommend it!  This offer is only good until Oct 15th! My next step is to go through her ebook, 31 Days of Prayer During Infertility.

While I go through these “stages”, I have focused on my husband and our marriage.  Hubby is in school right now (online) and working two, part-time jobs for the time being, so sometimes it’s just as hard as when I was working at the shelter but we have vowed to dedicate more uninterrupted time for each other.  I can honestly say just in the last two months I can already see positive changes in our marriage.

I mean...he IS pretty awesome to be around.
I mean…he IS pretty awesome to be around.

As far as health changes, I had a follow-up appointment with my Endocrinologist last week and found I have lost close to 15 pounds. I believe this has been attributed to an increase in physical activity and simple portion control.  I actually just put on a shirt I wore in college that was a size smaller than what I have been wearing and came out and showed Hubby with great excitement!  My thyroid currently is no longer Hypo- but instead Hyper- so a slight adjustment of meds and they believe they finally have found the magical formula!  The Metformin I have began taking to manage PCOS and hopefully prevent diabetes is also working and I’m not considered diabetic!   We are down to a little over 3 months before we begin IVF and I feel like its approaching quicker than expected.  I still plan on starting to swim for exercise, haven’t had the chance with a few things that have come up this past week but hubby has even agreed to go with me!  I feel we are headed in the right direction!

Overall, lots of good and exciting changes are happening on our end!  While we are busy, the important thing is I’m finding time to focus on me.  I’m doing my best to eliminate stress and negativity to ensure positive success with our upcoming adventure!


For my next blog post, I need your help! What questions do you have for me? I would love to hear from you about questions you may have about anything simple or serious, personal or silly.  Ask away!  We will start a Q&A sesh!  Please feel free to comment, email me at, tweet @thelastkeyblog, Facebook, choose your poison! You can also remain anonymous if you want!  I’m excited to see what comes up!

Until then,


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