Triumphs, Trials and The Week Ahead (Week 1)

TTTWA 1We’ve survived our first week! We’ve done 2 nights of our first shots and 5 days of other medications. I thought now would be a good time to do a quick update.

Last Week’s Recap


  • Knowing the time is finally here.  I think talking about it for so long just got me to the point where I was ready to start.
  • I’m excited about the possibilities to come.
  • I’m excited to have stuff to write about and more frequently! Hoping it reaches out to someone who needs it.
  • I’m also happy the first set of injections have not been terrible.  They use an insulin syringe and needle which is very tiny and hardly noticeable.  Hubby has done a very good job at being quick and gentle!


  • Knowing the time is finally here.  In the same aspect, after having my first Labs done on Monday, I drove home and had a moment of panic and realization.  It was like “Crap. We are really doing this.”
  • I had a horrible experience with a home delivery pharmacy this week.  We are locked into a specific one with our insurance through the military so I started the process with them.  Long story short, after 6 days, a total of approximately 7 hours on the phone (mostly call.jpgon hold), 16 customer service representatives, 5 supervisors, and each one having different answers or new problems to deal with, we went with a different pharmacy.  The new pharmacy I talked to on Thursday at 3pm for a total of 4 minutes had my Rx to me by 1:30pm on Friday!! I called back to order the rest of my Rx’s for the remainder of this cycle and spoke to the same Rep and he even remembered me! I have since talked to them 2 more times and spoke with the same Rep and a Rep who talked to the other one and knew my situation! So refreshing!! Thank you Avella in St. Louis for saving the day! We had incurred extra costs going through them but it was completely worth it!  Now, I’m still dealing with previous pharmacy because they still decided to charge me for medications I haven’t received and I had even cancelled the order last week! Grrr. They make me feel like I’m on hormones I haven’t even started yet!

The Week Ahead:

  • We will continue my one injection and daily oral medications throughout this week. c68ba6a87befa60c2b6cf54fded87ed7Hubby goes on a ski retreat with our High School Youth from church this Friday and Saturday, so it will be interesting to see if I can muster up the courage to give the shots to myself while he’s gone!  I have my best friend who is an RN on stand-by if
    need be! 🙂
  • We have an appointment on Thursday at our RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) to do Labs and an Ultrasound to ensure my body is following along with the Suppression Phase of our cycle.  They want to make sure my body isn’t going ovulate early, there aren’t any cysts, etc.
  • We will also be signing our consents for the upcoming procedures and other
    important decisions such as our decisions like what to do with remaining embryos.  Prayers for communication, patience and guidance for Hubby and I would be much appreciated!
  • 5418a4023ee322694d3cb1aa57c3af92We also “get” to pay our down-payment for said procedures to the RE and our surgery and anesthesia fees to the hospital! Do you hear that? That is the sound of being broke! :-/
  • Starting next Sunday, We will add 2 new injections to the 1 we are already doing so I’m sure I’ll be a needle-pro when all of this is over!


Until next time,



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