Triumphs, Trials and The Week Ahead-Week 2


Last Week’s Recap


  • Our first week and a half of injections are over!! I had one injection every night and an assortment of oral medications!
  • On Thursday, we had our first appointment that involved lab work.  Our lab work came back great and showed my body was responding to the suppression medications!
  • Also, at the same appointment I had an ultrasound to make sure I had no cysts and to do a Antral Follicle Count.  Follicles are what I like to refer as the little “nests” and they help eggs mature by secreting specific hormones.  I was told by my IVF nurse a normal range for women is 8-10 follies per ovary.  At one of my consultation ultrasounds, I had 10-15 on one side and 15-20 plus a cyst on the other, which leans towards the PCOS diagnosis.  I was very worried about the outcome of this test this time around but anxious to see if my PCOS meds may help.  I was VERY happy to hear that I had 9 on my left ovary and 10 on my right.  This is great news because I have a higher chance of having better quality eggs developing and I’m back in the normal range!

    Not mine, but a great image from showing what follicles look like during an ultrasound!
  • I used the new pharmacy again with ease and received the rest of my medications the next day!
  • I’ll put as a Triumph I survived my first day of “Stims” but you can also read about that experience in trials!


  • I’m still dealing with the mishaps from the home delivery pharmacy I’m technically “supposed” to use with my insurance.  After calling, speaking with 3 different people and cancelling my entire order because they couldn’t get it here on time, surprise surprise, I got 3 of the 6 medications I needed in the middle of the week.  I called back found out they were sent the day AFTER I cancelled and they were trying to charge me for them!   I had to talk to 2 more supervisors and finally got someone to agree to send me a return label so I could send them back and get a refund.  Something tells me it won’t be that easy.
  • Still nervous and anxious about the upcoming egg retrieval.  Knowing I’ll be going in for surgery next week is nerve-wrecking for me but I’m faithfully praying and asking for God to handle it how he sees fit and admitting it is out of my hands.
  • When we start the stimulation phase, I was told I can’t exercise…at all.  No swimming, no yoga, nothing.  While my follicles grow, my ovaries swell and anything “vigorous” can lead to possible torsion.  Thus, puts the idea of me continuing to lose weight on hold. I am just leaning on eating healthier for now.
  • So, last night we started stimulation drugs, or as the IVF world likes to call it, “Stims”.  This is exciting and scary at the same time.  These are the medications where my system basically “wakes up” from being suppressed and starts growing to develop eggs.  There are two new injections to add to the mix.  At our appointment last week, our IVF Coordinator did a quick tutorial on how to mix everything and administer the drugs. It was super helpful and a little overwhelming.  I was happy to hear I can mix two of our drugs in one syringe so that eliminates one needle poke. On the other hand, I found out firsthand last night one of the drugs burns like heck going in, which they told us it would.  I think because they told us this and seeing how much drugs we were adding, I started to “psych” myself out.  Well, Hubby gave me the first injection but this time the poke hurt to which he said “The needle just didn’t want to go in!” My first thought was “I’m sure that’s it.  The needle didn’t want to go in.” I later read on another blog called the The Great Pudding Club Hunt, her husband had the same issue!  Anyway, the injections we had done last week were small and quick and took less than 10 seconds so I thought he was done.  So I made the BIGGEST MISTAKE a needle-phobe could do.  I LOOKED DOWN AT THE NEEDLE IN MY STOMACH! He hadn’t even started injecting the drugs!!! Realizing this, I felt my face become flushed and I started seeing stars.  Right before I could tell Hubby I thought I was going to pass out, he was done.  He looked at me told me I did great and to go get a drink of water and take a minute.  That one wasn’t even the one I was worried about!! It was the next injection that was supposed to burn!  The second one came with a sharp poke and the burn…the burn was awful but as quick as it came, it was gone.  I survived but definitely my least favorite experience of this whole journey.  Only approximately 9 more rounds to go!!

    mood swings
    What happens when it’s a full moon AND I’m on fertility drugs?!

The Week Ahead:

  •  This week we will continue with stims for approximately 10 days total. 10 long days of burning injections…I digress.0131_wvvaccine.jpg
  • Tomorrow, I have an appointment to do lab work to ensure my body is responding to the stims.  This is a very important appointment.  If they don’t see the progress, it could result in them cancelling the entire cycle and having to start over.  Praying that doesn’t happen!
  • I’ll have another appointment on Friday where they will check my lab work again and also do an ultrasound to measure and count follicles and get a closer idea of when egg retrieval might be!
  • We should receive Hubby’s genetic testing back this week to see if he happens to be a carrier for the same disease I have.  If so, it will require an added step before they transfer any embryos.

In other news, our “fur kids” decided to help me blog this time.  They insisted I post a picture of them. They are kinda cute, so I said okay.

lola and captain.jpg
Lola the Bulldog and Captain the Tripawd

Until next time,


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