Stims Stats-Day 3


I’m starting a new section called “Stims Stats” to journal my experience during our Stimulation Phase!  This phase is where I’m given specific drugs to help grow each follicle in my ovary in hopes that the hormones will produce healthy, mature eggs by egg retrieval!

Fertility Medications taken in last 24 hours?

  • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
  • Gonal-F-225 units
  • Menopur-75 units
  • Leuprolide Acetate-10 units

No pain last night like I had the first night!!! We also found for some reason my left side has been more sensitive than the right through all of this so far so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it.

Symptoms today?

A few pings and pangs in my abdomen, definitely can tell the “girls” are waking up! I am starting to see some small bruising pop up around the injection sites.  Feeling a tad bloated first thing this morning but that has subsided.  Gassy.  Sorry, Hubby! Not sure if this is related but now you know!

Doctor/Lab appointments?

This morning I had a lab appointment to test for Estradiol (E2) and Progesterone.  E2 tells us if my follicles are maturing and at what rate.  Progesterone is measured to watch and control ovulation.  Quick needle stick.  Spent more time in the car to and from the office than in the office.

Any results?

The nurse called back within a couple of hours to note that they are going to increase my meds tonight and for the rest of the week.  My E2 is up from my suppression result of 25.2 pg/ml to today which came back 98.4 pg/ml.  Meaning they are starting to come out of hibernation but really need to kick it in to gear!  My progesterone went from 0.31 to 0.35 which from what I gathered is normal.

Next on the agenda?

Doc wanted to increase my stims to 300 units of Gonal-F, 150 units of Menopur and

2016-01-26 17.41.30.jpg
Isn’t it cute?!

continue 10 units of Lupron for the next 3 nights.  On Friday morning, we have another round of labs that will be done to check E2 and Progesterone again.  They will also do an
ultrasound to count follicles and measure!

Tonight, Hubby has to work late and since meds have to be done between 6pm and 10pm, it looks like I’ll have to take the stab-a-thon to him at work!  There’s still no way in heck I’ll give myself injections! On the bright side, I get to utilize the handy-dandy pin cushion carrying case the center gave me as a “souvenir”!  Yippee!


Until next time,



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