Stims Stats-Day 5


Fertility Medications taken in last 24 hours?

  • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
  • Gonal-F-300 units
  • Menopur-150 units (2 vials)
  • Leuprolide Acetate-10 units

Last night’s shots went well.  Although, the Menopur burned from the beginning no matter how slow Hubby pushed it.  It was even on my right side! This is how last night’s conversation played out:(While administering Menopur)
Me: “OW! That hurt! It still hurts! SLOW DOWN!”
Hubby: “I am going slow.  If I went any slower I wouldn’t be going!”
Me: “Don’t make me laugh!”

Hubby: “Just breathe!”
Me: “I want to but I don’t want my stomach to move!” (Continues try to only breathe through nose like it won’t make my stomach expand)

I just got back from Hubby’s work so he could do my injections.  When we found out our calendar for IVF, I fixed my work schedule to accommodate our med schedule but completely forgot about his.  He won’t get home until midnight or later, so I had to take the stab-a-thon back to him.  Tonight, the Menopur didn’t hurt at all.  However, the Gonal-F stung upon entry.  I’m sure has something to do with the nerves in that spot.

Symptoms today?

I feel like things are really kicking in gear today.  I had to work for a short period of time today and could definitely feel it the more I was on my feet.  More so on my right side. Pants are fitting tighter and when I got home I immediately had to put on some workout pants to lounge around in. (That’s irony, right?) I have finally experienced the great headache everyone seems to talk about as a side effect with these meds.  It started early this evening and is hanging around.  I also got the exhausted feeling late this afternoon so I did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day.

Doctor/Lab appointments?

Not until tomorrow, bright and early!  Hubby says he’ll go if I buy him coffee! 😉 Finger and toes crossed everything is progressing well!

Any results?

Hubby’s genetic testing came back!  If you read previously, I’m a carrier for something called Glycogen Storage Disease Type 5, also known as McArdle Disease.  Nothing too serious but our RE required he be tested to see if he is a carrier for the same disease.  If so, any fertilized embryos would have to be biopsied and sent off to a lab for genetic testing.  The good news is he was negative for all genetic diseases!! Again, he reminded me he does have super powers and he’s glad no one was able to find out!

Next on the agenda?

Tomorrow is the day we do lab work and an ultrasound to check out any progress and to make sure things are going how they want them too.  I’m very nervous and would appreciate any prayers!  I’m anxious to see how everything is going.

In other non-infertility-related news, if our lives weren’t crazy enough we got another foster dog tonight.  For those that don’t know, we foster Retired Greyhounds until they get adopted.  This should be a good distraction I hope!

Until next time,


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