Stims Stats-Days 6, 7 & 8

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I’m a little behind because I worked the last couple of days and between that, the drugs, and other plans and events we had to go to, I’m beat!  So here’s to catch us up:

Fertility Medications taken in last 24 hours?

  • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
  • Gonal-F-300 units
  • Menopur-150 units (2 vials)
  • Leuprolide Acetate-10 units

I took the same dosages for Friday and Saturday.  Tonight, my meds will be reduced slightly.


Symptoms today?

Today I’m tired.  This weekend I have continued to experience the consistent headache and the exhaustion everyone speaks of.  A new symptom arrived being dull low back pain.FB_IMG_1454118411776  I have read it is common as well.  I’m sure it has something to do with everything running out of space and putting pressure in places I’m not used to.  I’m definitely bloated and can feel things happening in my abdomen. It’s not extremely painful but more annoying than anything, if that makes sense.  I can tell my ovaries are larger and hopefully, as much as I hate to admit it, remain getting larger.  The best way I can explain it is when I sit down, I feel like I’m sitting on them or they have to move out of the way to make room for other organs.  It’s really weird.  I wore jeans to church today which I immediately regretted because they are extra tight right now. Looks like it’s workout pants and leggings for me this week! Overall, I’m moving a lot slower than normal and even waddling some which is something I noticed that today.  Just hoping in 9-10 months I’ll be doing a whole different type of waddle so this is all worth it! 😉

Doctor/Lab appointments?

I had our appointment on Friday and I personally think it went well!  They drew blood and checked my Estradiol and Progesterone and then did an ultrasound to measure my ovaries and count and measure follicles.

Any results?

My Estradiol (E2) came back at 618.8 pg/ml! So that’s climbing and doing well! Again, I read somewhere (so I’m not entire 100% certain this is true) that every 100-200 pg/ml it indicates you should have 1 mature follicle. This number should and hopefully will be in the 1000’s-2000’s at egg retrieval time!

My Progesterone is at 0.26 ng/ml.  So it’s gone down but that is good and showing that I shouldn’t ovulate early.  Oddly enough, this has been something that has made me unexpectedly nervous.   I’m sure it’s an irrational fear but I’m so worried they will go in and try to retrieve eggs and they won’t be there.   Like they read the invitation to the party wrong and showed up a week late.

They also did an ultrasound to measure each ovary and the follicles within each.  If you recall, this is what I was most nervous for.  I think mostly because I had read of many women having their cycles cancelled because their bodies weren’t responding to meds and they didn’t have growing follicles.  Well, the good news is they counted 18 follies growing!!  They measure each follicle in millimeters and here were the results:

Left Ovary=Length-2.37cm, Volume-4.67cc, Height-1.76cm, Width-2.14 cm


  • L1-7mm
  • L2-12mm
  • L3-10mm
  • L4-7mm
  • L5-8mm
  • L6-9mm
  • L7-10mm
  • L8-10mm

Right Ovary=Length-2.81cm, Volume-11.79cc, Height-2.67cm, Width-3.00 cm


  • R1-7mm
  • R2-9mm
  • R3-9mm
  • R4-5mm
  • R5-6mm
  • R6-9mm
  • R7-10mm
  • R8-9mm
  • R9-14mm<–Ok! Where did that come from?!
  • R10-7mm

Basically I’ve been told at the time of retrieval idea measurement is 18mm-20mm.  So we have some growing to do!  Our Nurse Practitioner said everything looked good for being Day 6 and she hopes the 5’s, 6’s and 7’s will “wake up” this weekend!

Next on the agenda?

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to do lab work and an ultrasound again.  We will check thatd be greatthe progress and see if the smaller follies decided to catch up with the rest.  Then, we should have a better idea of when egg retrieval will be.  As it stands right now, it will be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week. AHHHH!  The local meteorologists were talking about a snow storm Monday night into Tuesday but were unsure if it could just be a cold rain or 6″+ of snow.  Latest report, they think the snow will stay to the north which would be ideal since our drive to the hospital for Egg Retrieval is over 25 miles. Today, however, I will enjoy the 55 degree weather and relax while giving my follies a pep talk!


Until next time,


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