Stims Stats-Day 9


Fertility Medications taken in last 24 hours?

  • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
  • Gonal-F-225 units
  • Menopur-75 units (1 vial)
  • Leuprolide Acetate-10 units

Symptoms today?

BLOATED.  Last night, I had trouble falling asleep because I felt this constant heavy

Unfortunately, I’ve got nothing but time!

feeling in my abdomen.  The best way to describe it is when you eat way too much and feel miserable.  Yep, that’s how I feel.  However, in this case, going to the bathroom isn’t going to make it feel better.  If I push on my stomach I swear I can feel my ovaries or some other organ being shoved out of the way.  I think I annoyed Hubby last night trying to get comfortable for bed. I’m usually a stomach sleeper and that’s definitely not happening right now.  Hubby so kindly pointed out I should get used to it if I’m planning on being pregnant.  Thanks, Hubby.

Doctor/Lab appointments?

I had an appointment this morning for lab work and an ultrasound for follicle measurements and update progress.

Any results?


My Estradiol is at 1992.8 pg/ml which is awesome!  Looks like it is right on track to be over 2000 for egg retrieval!  My Progesterone rose a little to 0.55 ng/ml but nothing to be worried about!  My nurse said my endometrial lining (womb) is nice and thick and triple lined!

As far as follicles go, my left side DEFINITELY “woke up”.  Instead of listing out my measurements, the nerd in me made a graph to show the increase in growth!

left follicle

right follicle

As I said before, at the time of retrieval the ideal measurement is 18mm-20mm.  Anything over 15mm is most likely to produce an egg but they have a better chance of being mature between 18mm-20mm.   All together she said I have about 5 follies between the two ovaries that may not produce anything and that is okay.  Other than that, she said I’m progressing great. So, I’m almost there but they want to do one more day of stims to give me that extra push.

Next on the agenda?

They want me to come back in tomorrow morning for another set of lab work and ultrasound after tonight’s round of stims.  They will see if that does the trick and bumps the mid-level follies up to the right amount!  We are looking at possible doing our trigger shot tomorrow or Wednesday night and then Egg Retrieval happening Thursday or Friday!  EEK!  Super exciting!!


Until next time,


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