Triumphs, Trials and The Week Ahead-Week 3ish

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Since I’m sort of passed “stims”, I decided a TTTWA would be most appropriate for this week’s post!

Last Week’s Recap


  • I survived 27 abdomen injections, 6 blood draws, 6 ultrasounds and 10 days of IVF stims!! Surprisingly, not too many noticeable side effects other than bloating.  I feel emotionally I felt more “evened out”.  I asked Hubby’s thoughts since he planned on me being an emotional mess and crabby to which he replied, “It hasn’t been bad.  You should just stay on those thing!” HA! No thanks!
  • If you read, Stims Stats-Day 9, I definitely saw an increase in my follicle growth but they were wanting an extra push so Doc kept me on my stims for one more day. We definitely got an extra push and most of my follicles were over 18mm at my ultrasound yesterday!
  • I did my trigger shot (Ovidrel) last night.  A Trigger Shot is an injection of a medication called HCG, which causes the eggs to complete the maturation process. Basically, this is where my eggs get a boot to the keister so they are ready for retrieval!
  • Tomorrow is egg retrieval day!! Excited but nervous that the time has finally come! More about this in “The Week Ahead” section!
  • Hubby has been incredibly supportive through the last12628355_10100394876202350_456647354031589390_o
    few weeks.  He has been the one doing the injections and I’ve made sure after each injection every night, even when they suck, to tell him “Thank you” for administering the meds and being supportive.  On Monday, when I wasn’t feeling the greatest, he took us to get pedicures!  I’m lucky to have him by my side!



  • Like I said, one side effect I have been dealing with is the non-stop bloating! About Day 4 or 5 of stims, I could feel this heaviness in my abdomen and it only became more annoying from there.  About Day 8, I had trouble getting comfortable in bed.  By Day 10, I was having trouble walking normal as my stomach felt so bloated and pressure was starting to be put on my back and I experienced cramp-like feelings.  Slight panic attack but the nurse assured me it was normal!  Today, I do feel better and I’m even more mobile.  I’m glad because I want to get some stuff done around the house before tomorrow.

The Week Ahead

egg retrievalTomorrow is our egg retrieval!!  We will be going to the hospital at 7am.  I will be under anesthesia for this procedure.  In short, they will be going in with a long needle directed by ultrasound and literally sucking out the contents of each follicle.  If all goes according to plan, within each follicle will hopefully be a mature egg.   The egg retrieval procedure itself is about 20 minutes.  However, since I will be going under anesthesia they most likely will keep me up to 1-2 hours for observation and then I will get to come home!  They told me our doctor doing the procedure will be able to tell Hubby right away how many eggs they were able to retrieve!!

After the procedure tomorrow, they will fertilize any mature eggs retrieved and the embryo-division_lg.jpgEmbryologist will monitor growth over the next 5 days.  The Embryologist will call me on Friday and update us on embryo growth and again on Sunday.  On Tuesday, if we have any embryos make it to blastocysts by day 5, we will do what they call a “Fresh Transfer” (unfrozen embryo) of one (not more than that, as Hubby says “We are not playing with fire”) embryo.  Any embryos left that aren’t used will be placed in Cryopreservation for future attempts if this round is unsuccessful.  Currently, I have an appointment on Wednesday, 2/17, for our first Beta test.  This is where they will test my HCG levels to see if they are rising to indicate a positive pregnancy!! Crazy to know that in two weeks we will know if this round was successful!

Important thing I’ve been repeating to myself is not every follicle will produce an egg, not every egg will be mature, not every egg will fertilize and not every egg will make it to day 5.  I praise God and I am thankful that He has given me such a peaceful mind through this whole process and He is helping me realize I can’t stress about things I have no control over.  We literally just have to take it a day at a time.  I only pray as we continue on this journey, He gives me the strength and courage as He has done already!  Continued prayers for healthy embryos and a quick procedure tomorrow!

Follow me on Twitter @thelastkeyblog for updates tomorrow!

Until next time,


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