All it takes is one…

Today is the day after my retrieval and I thought the bloating would go away but boy was I wrong.  Now it’s a different kind of bloating and I’m hoping it doesn’t last much longer.

My egg retrieval was yesterday.  We got to the hospital at 7am and registered.  We were then taken to a unit in the hospital for reproductive surgeries.  I went through the basic

Can you tell where the 1st IV attempt was?

questions with the nurse and met with the anesthesiologist.  They attempted to do an IV which eventually took two tries.  I’m usually a hard stick when it comes to IV’s.
They had me change into a gown and some awesome bright yellow socks and then Hubby was allowed to come in and see me and pray for us before I went in.  Shortly after, it was time to go!

I’ve had procedures before but usually I’m not awake by the time they moved me to the OR table.  This was different.  I was awake right up until they began the retrieval.  This, I believe, was the start of a panic attack I wasn’t able to finish. This is what happened next.

When they had me move over to the OR table, the nurses asked me to cross my arms. Sure, why not? The nurses then grabbed the blanket sides of which I was laying on and basically swaddled my arms and clipped the corners together so I my arms couldn’t go anywhere. Oh, I didn’t even see that blanket.  Where did that come from? Um, this isn’t cool. Not a huge a fan of confinement or restraint but I’ll get over it. I’ll be asleep soon, right?  Wrong.  To make matters worse they then grabbed a safety strap to strap my arms and upper body down. It’s just for my safety they said.  Uh, you may need that safety strap for yourself if someone doesn’t quickly knock me the heck out.  The nurses begin to put my feet in the surgical stirrups. Ooooo! These are way nicer than the ones at the gyno’s office! The nice anesthesia nurse meets me at the head of the table gives me oxygen and places the pulse reader on my finger and says shes going to start making me comfy.  Alright lady, you and I can be friends.  She asks how I’m doing and it may sting a little when the medication starts to go through my IV. I’m doing great other than being held against my will.  Beep, Beep Beep, Beep. Is that my heart rate increasing?  What do you mean sting? Like bad sting? Was that it?  Was that the sting? I’m not sure…I really hate being confined and restraaaaaainnnnnnn……..

Then I woke up.  It was over.  My nurse asked me how I was doing to which I smiled and said great! She told me she was going to be giving me some pain meds and after I woke up more and was able to eat crackers and urinate, I would be able to go home.  We had a game plan!  I immediately asked when I could see Hubby.  She said she could go get him and sure enough he walked right in!  Of course, I had to ask him.  He already knew the answer.  Doc already had spoken with him.  How many?? How many eggs did they get?? IMG_20160204_130219.jpgHe replied 14!  I was elated! That is a good number! Average is between 8-15!  After about an hour I was out the door and headed home.  I experienced some nauseousness right as we took our exit home from the highway but we got home and I laid down and began to sleep it off.  Hubby even made me lunch in bed! I took the rest of the night easy and thanks to our awesome friends and church family we had meals taken care of for us! I was mostly waiting for the morning when I would get a phone call from the Embryologist who would be able to tell me our fertilization report.

This morning, I woke up about 8:00am to see I had a missed call at 7:45am from the lab and a voicemail.  Listening to the voicemail, I found out that I had 6 mature eggs out of the 14, only 5 of which fertilized.  I also found out that 6 had spontaneously over matured in vitro. Meaning, they weren’t retrieved in time before they were past the prime time for grabbing them.

I’m not going to lie.  My heart sank a bit. 5?  Out of 14 I only have 5? On average, you can IMG_20160205_085730expect only 25-50%, if that, to survive to Day 5 when they become blastocysts.  I was hopeful there would be more than 5 and I had a great chance of having some to freeze for later.  Now, to be honest, I’m concerned about having any to transfer at all.  Trying to be positive and Hubby pointed out we knew that this would be a possibility with me having low egg quality and what we have is what we got.  It only takes one.

I’m now waiting anxiously for Sunday when I should receive a Day 3 update from the Embryologist.  Praying and hoping it’s good and that at least a couple stick around long enough.  I could use all the positive thoughts and uplifting prayers in the next day or two!

We just need one.  One fighter, one to grow, one to be our baby.


Until next time,


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