15 days and 15 facts


Hello all!

As some of you have seen, we started a Booster project titled “Journey to Baby Lightle”.  This is a t-shirt booster and money raised with each t-shirt order and/or donation will go towards the cost of our IVF medications next month.  Medicines used during IVF include oral and injectables and the majority are not covered by insurance.  The medicines used in our last IVF cycle in Janurary cost $5,000.  We are expecting the same cost for next month’s cycle.  Keep in mind, this does not include the costs of the numerous monitoring appointments, the egg retrieval surgery, and the egg transfer procedure.  This is our last chance at having a baby of our own as we will not be able to afford future treatments. We could use as much help as possible.

Buy a shirt and we may even name our future kid after you! 😉

If you are interested in possibly helping by purchasing a t-shirt or donating check out our booster website by clicking this link: booster.com/thelastkey   If you can’t provide help monetarily, would you consider helping by sharing this post or the link to the website?  Again, we appreciate any help.

Each booster has a deadline and ours is July 31st.  We have to have a minimum print order of 17 shirts for them to even print the shirts and for us to receive funds from shirt orders.   The date is approaching fast at only 15 days and we need at least 4 more shirt orders before they will print them.  With only 15 days remaining I thought I would switch it up a little and give you 15 facts about me you may not know. Here goes:

  1. Hubby and I met at a local animal shelter. He began volunteering the same week I began working there.  When people ask how we met, he tells people he came in as a stray.
  2. I come from a large family. I have one full-brother, 2 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers, 1 step-sister and 1 step-brother, of which I am the baby!  I also have a total of 21 nephews and nieces.
  3. I began playing the violin when I was in 1st grade at a performing arts school. I started playing piano a few years later.  Music has always played an influential role in my life.  Currently, I sing with our church’s Praise and Worship Team.  Hubby is quite musical himself.  He plays drums and bass at church and also knows how to play guitar, trumpet and a little piano!
  4. I am absolutely terrified of birds. I was attacked by a territorial birdsbarn swallow when I was younger and I’ve been scared ever since. Many of my friends make fun of me for it, but if birds get too close, I am likely to have a panic attack.  Orinthophobia.  It’s a thing.
  5. I have a weird memory in the sense I can remember numbers distinctly. I still know every phone number of every house I’ve lived in and every cell phone I’ve had. I can also recite close family and friend’s numbers without looking in my phone.  However, don’t ask me what I ate for lunch yesterday. I won’t remember.
  6. I was one of the tallest kids in my class until 6th grade. I grew to 5’5” when I was 10 years old and stopped growing.  Everyone else shot up past me after that.
  7. When I was born, I only weighed 4lbs 10oz. The doctor said I looked no bigger than a Peanut and that’s how I got my family nickname, “Peanut”.  When I started getting teeth, the first teeth I got were my canine teeth which lead to my second nickname, “Fang”.
  8. The song Hubby and I first danced to at our wedding was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. It was actually intended as a joke.  The first vacation Hubby and I took involved an 8 hour road trip to Arkansas which we drove straight through the night.  Half way through the drive, I was trying to sleep but Hubby was trying to stay awake while he drove so he started playing Louis Armstrong really loud and began singing like him even louder.  Although he does a spot on “Louis” impression it was still annoying. Needless to say, I think this was also our first “argument”. At our wedding, he made sure to sing like him too.
  9. I began riding horses when I was 8 years old. After a year, my
    My obsession started early…

    parents realized how expensive it was and I stopped riding.  The same week I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, I drove down to a barn where they taught lessons and spoke to the trainer.  I worked out a deal where I could work at the barn in exchange for lessons.  The rest is history! The first horse I fell in love with was named “Horse”.

  10. I have been to 17 of the 30 MLB ballparks. It was my goal to get to all 30 by the time I’m 30 years old.  Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen…unless someone wants to pay my way to visit the other 13 in the next 4 months! Ballpark I’m looking most forward to: Fenway.  Currently my favorite: Kauffman, of course! Wrigley is a close 2nd.
  11. We have 2 dogs and we foster retired Greyhounds. We have a 3-legged Pit Bull/Lab Mix, Captain, who is 9 years old. He’s really my bonus-daughter’s dog. They are inseparable.  We also have a 5 year old English Bulldog named Lola.

    I have always loved English Bulldogs and it was quite a surprise when a 4 month old puppy was surrendered by her owners to the shelter where I worked.  I just knew I had to get her, convincing Hubby was a different story.  I made the mistake of telling him “If you let me get a Bulldog, I will let you get a Greyhound.”  Hence, why we are now fostering greyhounds with hopes of adopting in the future!

  12. One of the first family vacations I took with my step-dad, mom and older brother was to St. Louis when I was 6. We drove there and my brother and I fought the entire way.  During the trip our parents started convincing us how cool it would be to take the train back to KC and so my mom, brother and I took the Amtrak home.  To this day, I firmly believe it was so my step-dad could drive home in peace.
  13. I am the biggest klutz and most accident-prone person you will meet. Growing up it seemed like every month I had a new injury or illness. Our family was on a first name basis with the ER doctors and nurses.  It was never anything “cool” either.  My latest injury?  I broke my toe by stubbing it on a vacuum.   Not just any vacuum but a Kirby.  Not like it makes it any better or justifiable but that is one solid vacuum.
  14. I hate running. Hate is a strong word but I feel like it is properly used when I talk runnabout running.  I’ve always said, “If I’m running, everyone else should be too because something scary is chasing me.”  Growing up my parents just thought I was slow when we would run the mile in gym class or when I played sports.  Turns out in 7th grade I would be diagnosed with asthma.  Thanks Mom!
  15. I have Stage IV Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hypothyroidism. All of which are factors that play into my 4 year struggle with infertility.  Doctors believe it has effected the quality of my eggs and like 12% of women in the United States my ability to get pregnant without the use of advanced reproductive technology is non-existent.  This is why we are on the journey for the last key.

When I came up with this idea, I didn’t realize how hard it is to come up with 15 facts about myself!

The countdown is on for our next cycle.  In less than two weeks, we will receive our IVF protocol calendar.  I feel like these last 6 months have gone so quickly!!

Until next time,





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