Triumphs, Trials and The Week Ahead Vol II-Week 1


Last Week’s Recap


  • 86be7c82acd6a72d59a75fe97aa42524We’re starting!  I’ve waited 6 months and the time is finally here! As much as it is somewhat scary, it is also a relief knowing we’ll have answers and results (hopefully a BFP!) by the end of this month.
  • After last cycle’s debacle with our previous pharmacy, it was much easier ordering my meds this time around since I now know a better pharmacy to use. They should arrive on Tuesday! Woohoo, just like Christmas right?!
  • Speaking of meds, we raised close over $400 with our T-Shirt fundraiser! That will go towards a nice-sized chunk of the $4,000+ cost of prescriptions!
  • I had my Cycle Day 3 lab work (baseline) completed last Wednesday.  I received my results and good news. My ovarian reserve testing came back consistent with normal fertility relating to egg health.  Last cycle all of my levels were somewhat abnormal.  We are still awaiting the results of my AMH levels to find out if my PCOS is running rampant again and more about my egg health.


  • I’m not sure I would count this so much as a “trial” but my nurse would like to see my thyroid levels a little bit lower to be considered ideal to achieve pregnancy.  So even though my levels are considered normal right now, I’ll be working with my Endocrinologist to lower them a little bit more.  My thyroid gets real wonky when we start messing with meds so I’m just praying its a quick fix.
  • needleSomething I realized when I received my protocol is I’ll have no choice but to give injections myself most of the time.  Hubby has a new job since the last cycle and leaves for work around 4am each morning and now that I will be doing Lupron twice a day, I’ll have to put on my big girl panties and stab myself.  I’m thinking there may be funny videos or photos soon to follow…In addition to Hubby not being able to do injections, he has been working 10-11 hour days and has no access to phone other than at lunch, I’ll be doing a lot of these upcoming appointments alone.
  • I’m trying not to dwell on the fact this is it.  If this cycle fails and we have no remaining embryos, we may never have children of our own.  Funds have been depleted and also with my health, another complete cycle is not going to be an option.  I continue to pray for guidance, strength and constant reminding that He is in control.  This time around, I can honestly say I feel a great sense of peace that I’m placing this in God’s hands.

The Week Ahead:

  • I’m awaiting to hear my AMH results and will hopefully have those by Monday.
  • I’m also awaiting to hear my thyroid level results from blood work done last Friday. After receiving those, we may increase my meds to get my TSH from 3.2 to 2.0 or under!
  • Monday afternoon I have an appointment/procedure in the afternoon for a Sonohysterogram and Trial Transfer.  We’ve done this before and our doctor requires us to do them every 6 months to ensure there aren’t any new abnormalities and they can access everything they will need to come transfer time!  Quick, easy and relatively painless and hoping for the best with the results!
  • Tuesday and Wednesday I have lab appointments to check suppression levels and ultrasounds to check follicles. This will give us the go ahead for stims.
  • Friday, if all goes well, we should start my Microdose Lupron twice a day.
  • Leading to next Sunday, hopefully we will start stims and that is when all of this will really pick up steam!


Needle Stick Count: Arm-2  Tummy-0 Bum-0

Until next time,


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