Triumphs, Trials and The Week Ahead-Volume II-Week 2


This has been one crazy week.  Between the excitement of starting a new cycle and an unexpected hospital trip, this girl’s emotions are spent and it’s only the first week!  It hasn’t been a full-week since my last TTTWA-Vol II, but a lot has happened. Here’s a little recap of my week so far!

This Week’s Recap


  • I would say the biggest triumph for this week would be what happened today.  As I said before, this cycle is very different from the last.
    No, seriously. Just get it over with!

    One of the reasons will be having to give injections to myself.  Well, I did it! I did it today.  I started my Microdose Lupron injections which will be given twice a day.  I started a little later in the day than planned (see Trials below) so I had Hubby bring me my vial, a syringe and some alcohol swabs to my work.  However, he left a few minutes before I got the “go ahead” call from my doctor.  This forced me into facing my fears and just doing it, you know, like Nike says.  It wasn’t so much the needle part it was more an overwhelming fear I was going to do it wrong.  As far as I can tell I did it right and the best part, I SURVIVED!  Now only 52+ more to go!

  • As you may have seen in Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!, I had my SHG and Trial Transfer and the results were negative for any abnormalities! I even was complimented on how beautiful my uterus looked! (Hey! It’s the little things!)
  • My medications arrived without a hitch which is something to be happy about considering the trouble I had with a different pharmacy last time.
  • I was originally supposed to go have labs and ultrasounds Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Lucky for me, they were able to do what they wanted on Tuesday at my Monday appointment so I didn’t have to go three days in a row.
  • My thyroid level results came back Tuesday.  They wanted them to be below a 2 which is considered ideal for being able to achieve a healthy pregnancy. We had planned to do blood work so we could adjust meds if necessary.  Well, we didn’t need to change meds because my levels came back at 1.4!


  • Wednesday, I had my suppression lab work to see if “the bear” was asleep.  They tested my progesterone and estradiol levels and my progesterone came back slightly elevated above where doctors typically want it to be at the suppression stage.  My progesterone level was 1.32 and they wanted it under 1.0. I received a phone call Wednesday from my nurse who stated she wanted me to come in Friday (today) to retest.  If my progesterone was the same or lower it would be okay to begin my Lupron.  If it continued to climb they would have to consider delaying my cycle.  This of course had me worried for 3 days about whether or not we would have to wait.  When you get in the mindset this is what you aredoing, its hard to convince yourself it may change.  However, it was a relief to find out my blood work from today showed it dropped to 1.02. It is still just a little higher than where they would like, but it has dropped.  Keeping in mind, we are suppressing differently and for not as long to hopefully have a better outcome so it isn’t surprising my levels aren’t as low as our last cycle. My IVF coordinator called and told me I could begin my injections today.
  • The biggest loop we were thrown was an unexpected trip to the hospital Wednesday evening into Thursday.  It wasn’t for me but for Hubby.  Hubby has a horrible history of kidney stones and every couple of years he has a few try to pass.  For the last few weeks, he began to get the usual pain so he went to the doctor.  There the X-ray showed he had 5 stones in his kidneys, too big to break up but too small to require immediate surgery.  He was given a few meds to help them pass.  After being unable to work full days for two weeks, he made an appointment to see the doctor.
    Hubby didn’t think my jokes were too funny.

    He has a CT scan and it shows the stones are still there.  The following week, he goes to the ER for extreme back pain.  There they find the stones have stopped moving and the pain he’s now feeling is caused by the 3 herniated discs he has in his back from a previous injury and they are inflamed from the stress of the kidneys. He has a referral to a Urologist and a follow up with his doctor.  Well, before he could get to either appointment, Wednesday night just before midnight, I woke up from a dead sleep to my husband screaming.  I have never heard or seen him in so much pain.  Long story short, I have to call an ambulance because there is no way I can get him in to my car by myself.  He’s taken to the hospital and after an ultrasound and CT scan, they find one of the stones is stuck.  He was admitted to the hospital around 5:30am on Thursday.  Around 8:00am, we met with the Urologist on call and determined surgery would be needed to remove the stone and he can do it that afternoon.  However, Hubby had plans of his own and about an hour and a half before surgery he passes the stone on his own.  We were able to go home that evening.  I have never been so scared to see him in that much pain and I felt so helpless.  I am so grateful he passed the stone on his own.  They did note he still has one in his kidney and may need it removed in the next few weeks.  Here’s hoping they can wait until after the Egg Retrieval!  We are still recouping from lack of sleep from that whole debacle.

The Week Ahead:

  • I’ll continue taking Lupron injections twice a day for the next 10 days or so.
    My ovaries in about week.

    Sunday, I start stims.  This is when my ovaries will start to look like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.  I’m going to have to invest in some maxi skirts for work since jeans and other pants will be uncomfortable.

  • I have labs and Ultrasounds on Tuesday and Friday as my first Stimulation appointments to see how everything is “waking up”.  They have me on the maximum doses for all of my medications so I’ll be interested to see how well I respond!


Needle Stick Count: Arm-4  Tummy-1 Bum-0

Until next time,


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