Stims Stats Volume II – Days 1 & 2

stims stats

We started stimulation medications (“stims”) yesterday.  Last cycle I did these “Stims Stats” entries and I am so glad I did.  I started having some symptoms today and it was nice to look back and see if this is how I was feeling last time.  There were some new things and some things that are familiar.

Fertility Medications & Supplements taken in last 24 hours?

  • Mircodose Leuprolide Acetate-25 units AM & PM
  • Pregnitude Packet-AM & PM
  • COQ10-100mg-AM
  • DHEA-75mg-AM
  • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
  • Follistim-225 units-PM
  • Menopur-225 units-PM

Evening Injections are supposed to be done between 6pm and 10pm.  I’ve never realized how many places we go during this time period until we have to plan to be somewhere with everything we need to accomplish things likes this. Yesterday evening was the kick off to our high school youth group events for the school year. Hubby and I both volunteer with this group at our church. I knew it would be from 6pm-8pm and we probably would be cutting it close by the time we finished, cleaned up and went home.  Hubby plays on the worship team and had to be there at 5pm, so this eliminated being able to knock out the shots beforehand.  I packed a little lunch box with my refrigerated meds and all of the supplies I thought I would need.  As we neared the end, I convinced myself I would try to do all the injections myself. HA! I first went to the ladies room only to see it was completely filled with teenage girls and some of their moms.  I thought it was probably not the best time to whip out a bunch of needles and start stabbing myself.  I found Hubby who had taken a phone call back by the offices and I found a desk to “set up shop on”.

nightly ivf
My nightly routine for the next 10-14 days!

I mixed everything and decided to do the Menopur & Lupron first.  Luckily, I can mix the two and eliminate having to do two separate injections.  However, anyone who has ever done Menopur knows how bad it burns.I remembered this from last time and was trying to pump myself up to get ready.  Hubby is standing in front of me, finishing up his phone call and he starts to count.  “1, 2, 3, GO!” I’m staring at my stomach. Deep breath.  He says again, “1,2,3 GO! GO! GO!”  Blink, blink, blink. Deep breath again. One more time I hear “Just hurry up and go! 1, 2, 3….GO!” I stuck myself and felt it burn.  I looked up at him wide-eyed and told him I couldn’t do it.  Luckily for me, he came over and finished the job. It hurt way worse than I remember.  The second injection, Follistim, comes in an easy, dial-up pen that makes it incredibly easy and thankfully it doesn’t burn.  I was able to do that one myself.

Fast forward to tonight. Hubby had a meeting and was going to be gone this evening.  I wasn’t sure when he’d be home.  I waited until about 9pm to start mixing my meds and went ahead and gave my Follistim to myself.  I texted him to see when he would be home and he said he wasn’t sure he’d be home before 10pm.  I sort of panicked because again, I was terrified of giving myself the Menopur.  I had it mixed and I began texting him telling him how I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it.  I tried turning on music, turning on the TV, I even watched videos on Youtube to try to see if there were any tips on giving it to yourself. Bad idea. Around 9:40pm, I started to come to terms that he may not be here in time and although he said he was almost done, I was debating waiting for him and it being late, driving to where he was so he could do it or just sucking it up and trying to do it myself.  I started to tear up a little and I was getting antsy.  At 9:50pm, I started to give myself a pep talk as I began to tear the alcohol prep wipe open when I got a phone call from Hubby saying he was on his way! I was so glad he came to do it because it hurt. A LOT.  I think the hour of nerves built up because as soon as we were done, I had a good ol’ cry sesh.  I was more upset that I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but also so so SO glad it was done!

I’ve posted this before but Hubby’s my hero!


First thing I’ve noticed is how sore my stomach is.   I’m not sure if I can credit the increase in our injections as the cause since we basically doubled everything.  I have started bruising.

Penguin=Stims Polar Bear=Ovaries  It’s about to go down.

Nothing too large and scary but you definitely can tell where I’ve done previous injections.  Today, I began feeling twinges in my lower abdomen just about the same time as our last cycle.  I was trying to explain to Hubby it’s not a stabbing pain but more like a dull poke every so often.  I think the “bear” is awakening.  I’ve also been a tad bit weepy this evening and have had that feeling like I was just going to cry (and I did after I got my injection).  I don’t remember feeling like that last time.


Next on the agenda?

Tomorrow morning, I have my first Stims Lab Work.  They will check my Estradiol and Progesterone to see how I’m responding to the meds.  This is a crucial appointment because if these levels aren’t rising like they are supposed to or are rising too fast, they could cancel my entire cycle.  Needless to say, this appointment makes me nervous.

How I’m going to be feeling by the end of the week.

I’m praying for good results tomorrow afternoon.  I bought some stretchy skirts and pants to get by for the next week as I’m preparing for the bloat that comes with the meds.  I’m also trying to finish some housework before I feel like Jabba the Hutt and don’t want to move from my ovaries growing to the size of small oranges.  I’ll have an ultrasound and labs on Friday morning to see how my follies are growing and also measure E2 and P4 levels!


Needle Stick Count: Arm-4  Tummy-10 Bum-0

Until next time,


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