Stims Stats Volume II-Days 3 & 4

stims stats

Fertility Medications taken in last 24 hours?

    • Mircodose Leuprolide Acetate-25 units AM & PM
    • Pregnitude Packet-AM & PM
    • COQ10-100mg-AM
    • DHEA-75mg-AM
    • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
    • Follistim-225 units-PM
    • Menopur-225 units-PM


Symptoms today?

Feeling like Bloat from Finding Nemo.

Today being Day 4, I’m starting to feel more and more bloated.  It’s currently feeling like I’ve eaten a really large meal but the feeling isn’t going away.  I’m counting down until I get home from work so I can throw on some stretchy pants and cuddle up with the pups.  I’ve also noted some pretty big headaches happening about mid-day.  Looking back, I realized I had them last cycle too and believe it’s a side effect of the Lupron.  I’m definitely bruising more than the last round due to all the needle sticks and my adverse reaction to band-aids.  My stomach looks like it has taken a beating. Last night, I noticed that I’m also bleeding more with each injection and I’m not sure the reason behind that.  Overall, I’m tired and I’m getting tired easier.  I tried to get housework done yesterday knowing how I’ll feel by the weekend and with the procedures coming up the next two weeks.   I didn’t get near as much done as hoped but I was still able to do some before I wanted to sleep.

Doctor/Lab appointments?

Yesterday morning, I had a lab appointment.  Took all of 30 seconds from start to finish.  Hubby had to get blood work done on Monday for the standard required testing.  It’s his one needle stick for this process.  Proud to say he did well! 🙂

Any results?

Received the results from my lab work yesterday afternoon.  My progesterone has continued to drop to a 0.86 ng/mL, which is great.  My Estradiol which helps monitor follicle growth is 136.2 pg/mL. My nurse said they like it to be between 100-300 by this time so mine is right where it needs to be.  My progesterone at this time last cycle was actually only 98.4 pg/mL and they had to increase my doses.  This time, it looks like I’m responding slightly better and they don’t have to change any of my medicine doses and more importantly, we can continue with our IVF cycle!

Next on the agenda?


Friday will be my next appointment where they were will repeat lab work and do an ultrasound to measure follicles.  I’m really excited (and nervous) to see how things are progressing and to compare numbers with last time.  Until then, I’ll enjoy comfy clothing and doing a whole lot of nothing!

Needle Stick Count: Arm-5  Tummy-14 Bum-0

Until next time,


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