Stims Stats Volume II-Day 6

stims stats

Fertility Medications taken in last 24 hours?

The before and after of last night.  Lola couldn’t bear to watch!
  • Mircodose Leuprolide Acetate-25 units AM & PM
  • Pregnitude Packet-AM & PM
  • COQ10-100mg-AM
  • DHEA-75mg-AM
  • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
  • Follistim-225 units-PM
  • Menopur-225 units-PM

Symptoms today?

Cramping has gained a little momentum this evening (hoping that means things are growing!) but the bloating hasn’t been as bad. *crosses fingers* Headache still going strong and only relieved with Acetaminophen.  So basically, the usual and nothing new to report!

Doctor/Lab appointments?

Today was my first stimulation ultrasound and Day 6 labs.  It was nice to go into the ultrasound room not feeling like I was going to pee everywhere.

paper skirt
Wearing the latest in infertility fashion, the infamous paper skirt!


Any results?

Let me start off by saying, I have had mixed feelings about my results but I believe I have received enough reassurance to realize there really isn’t a reason to be upset.

Great news first.  They counted 24 follies total today! 12 on the left and 12 on the right!  That’s awesome considering I steadily stayed at 18 throughout my last cycle and later retrieved 14 eggs. This hopefully means more eggies at retrieval which increases are chances of mature eggs and hopefully some to freeze!  So I was very excited to hear that.

Although there are 24, they are measuring on the small side.  This could be for numerous reasons such as the protocol I’m on, having less room to grow, etc.  On the other hand, the sizes of each follicle are more consistent and even with each one.  Last cycle they measured anywhere between 5mm & 14mm.  I’ll place my results from today’s u/s below but they were generally between 5mm & 8mm.  Hopefully, this means they will all grow together at an even pace making it more achievable to get the best number of eggs!

My estradiol which represents the hormones the follicles are producing was 490.2 pg/mL which is lower than the 618 pg/mL I had on cycle #1.  Considering I have smaller follies this go around, that would be why this number is slightly smaller.  My progesterone rose from 0.86 on Tuesday to 1.09 today, also, from what I read, not uncommon.  My nurse was also very happy to see my uterine lining a smidge greater than 7mm.

Below is my comparison of the size of follicles for Cycle #1 and Cycle #2. (The RE only graphs up to 10 each so I’m missing data for 2 follicles on each side for this cycle.)

day 6 lft

day 6 rt

Next on the agenda?

Because the follies are just tiny wittle follies, they pushed back my appointment from Monday to Tuesday.  This most likely means my egg retrieval will be later next week like Thursday or Friday depending on how much longer I’ll have to stim.  I had to stim 10 days last time and I’m thinking unless they really kick it in to gear, I’ll be doing  at least 10 days this time.  The goal is to have follicles between 18mm-20mm which indicated maturation. You tend to find yourself comparing your IVF cycle to others even though its completely pointless because everyone is different.  However, a good friend who went through her own IVF journey and is now almost due with her little one told me, “Slow and steady wins the egg growth race!”  I figured I’d rather do this slow and correct than speed it up and fail! So here’s to at least 4 more nights of tummy shots, including tonight’s which Hubby has to come to my work and give it to me since I’m working a different shift and ‘cuz I’m a big weenie!

Needle Stick Count: Arm-6  Tummy-22 Bum-0

Until next time,


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