Rawr. Stims Days 7, 8 & 9


I was going to do another Stims Stats for Days 8 & 9 but since there aren’t any new lab results or doctor’s appointments to post, I thought I would go a different route.


The “bear” is awake. You know, the one I talked about being in hibernation? Well, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and the bear is stretching it’s legs. I’m not talking a cute bear either. No, this isn’t your Winnie the Pooh bear.  Oh no, no, no.  This is a big momma bear and you just messed with her cubs.

giphy (1)
Current state of my ovaries…

Needless to say, I can feel things growing on Day 9 of stims.  I have hit a whole new level of uncomfortable and can feel myself having to slow down on what I do in my everyday routine.  There’s a reason doctors tell women on stims to not do any strenuous activity or exercise while stimming.  You can risk ovarian torsion or other serious injuries.  Last night, I was reaching down to pick up the laundry basket to take to the basement and I’m pretty sure I heard my right ovary scream and wave it’s fist at me.

As far as symptoms, I’m getting increasingly more pings of dull pains all over my abdomen.  I read somewhere a comparison of how big follicles and ovaries get while stimming.  When all is said and done, each follicle will be about the size of a small grape.  So imagine, if you will, my ovaries will be two bundles of your average-sized grocery store grapes by the time we go in for Egg Retrival.  News flash! That’s not normal and there’s not supposed to be something taking up that much room!   It feels as though my ovaries have started to shove other things out of the way to make room resulting in random pains in my abdomen, ribs and my back.   I haven’t worn jeans since Day 3 and have had to stick to stretchy pants with elastic waistbands.


Something new I’m experiencing with this cycle is short-term memory loss.  I had heard previously that it can be a side effect of IVF medications but now it’s apparent I’m experiencing it.  I first noticed it Friday when I took meds out of the refrigerator and forgot to put them back.  Luckily, I noticed just a few hours later.  That same night, I came home from work and completely forgot to take all of my oral meds.  That’s like 7 pills! The next morning, I woke up early and remembered so I took all of them when I got up.  Throughout the day, it was little things like forgetting what I was doing as I was about to do it.  I saw something on someone’s Facebook page and I wanted to go back and read it but couldn’t remember, for the life of me, whose page it was. I could see the person’s face but could not remember their name! I’ve known that person for years and it drove me crazy! I’ve had to make sure I’m writing down everything at work and keeping track of what I am doing.  Otherwise, multi-tasking completely messes me up.

Another symptom this go around would be tons of bruising.

Hoping these aren’t the only “souvenirs” I gain from all of this

I have bruises all over my abdomen from where I’ve been getting my shots.  At first, I thought it was the result of my the increase in dosage because I barely had any bruising at all, first cycle.  I decided to ask the nurse at my appointment on Friday to see if something was wrong.  She asked me if I had changed the technique in how we have been doing the shots.  I said the only difference was I was doing some on my own.  To which she replied, “Your husband might just be a better shot giver.”  Hmpf.  As Hubby says, with all of this bruising, I’m “running out of real estate” for places to get injected.

Here’s hoping Tuesday morning they will tell me we can trigger that night and we will be done stimming.  Otherwise, I’m going to have to order more medicine to get me through which means more $$$.  Sigh.

I’m anxiously awaiting Tuesday so I can plan the rest of my week.  Not knowing when my procedures will be is torturing my inner control freak.  The wait is driving me crazy and I’m not even in the “Two Week Wait” yet!  Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll post results regarding my appointment!

Until next time,



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