Stims Stats Volume II- Days 10 & 11

stims stats

Fertility Medications taken in last 24 hours?

  • Microdose Lupron-25 units AM & PM
  • Pregnitude Packet-AM & PM
  • COQ10-100mg-AM
  • DHEA-75mg-AM
  • Dexamethasone-.5 mg (1/2 tablet)-PM
  • Follistim-225 units-PM
  • Menopur-225 units-PM

On Monday night, Hubby gave me my Menopur shot, which is the one that burns.. It was almost as if he hit a nerve because it was the worst pain I’ve had so far.  Last night, I was apprehensive to get another one after that experience.  He gave me the shot and I didn’t feel a thing. Not even a burn.  Is it bad that at this point, not feeling pain makes me something was done wrong?

Symptoms today?

In addition to the usual bloating, I’m getting a lot more back pain this time.  I think things are expanding more towards the back and causing pressure.  I’m having trouble sleeping due to that and the vivid dreams I seem to get while on stims.

Still bruising a lot on my stomach and its sore.  I’ve noticed when it comes to giving injections lately, it hurts more and more each time. I’m pretty sure my skin hate mes

Doctor/Lab appointments?

I had appointments yesterday morning and this morning.  They both included labs and an ultrasound.  Yesterday’s, was the result of Monday’s being pushed back as I had explained previously.   With the follies still being on the small side, they had me come back in today to see if another night of stims would help growth.

Any results?

Yesterday my Estradiol was at 1960.3 pg/mL and Progesterone was 1.35 ng/mL. So slowly creeping up.  I was still showing about 23 follicles yesterday.   My right side had follies ranging in size between 8.5mm and 15.5mm.  My left ovary had a few large ones and a few really small ones which indicate they just weren’t responding to meds.  I had follies ranging in size anywhere between 5.5mm and 12.5mm on my left.  Needless to say, with Doctor’s preferring them to be 18mm-20mm I had some work to do.   They instructed me to do one more night of stims.

Today, I went back in to see if they grew more.  My Estradiol went up to 2867 pg/mL (each 150-200=1 egg).  My Progesterone went up to 2.01 ng/mL which means we’re getting closer to ovulation.  They measured about 18 follies this time (some were small and not worth measuring).  The right side ranges from 11mm-19mm and the left showing ranges between 8mm-16mm.

Next on the agenda?

14079927_556133197905226_8257061779752141382_nTonight, we will trigger at precisely 9:45pm!  This is the final step in maturing eggs and causing ovulation!  My doctor is having me take an addition 225 units of Follistim at the time of Trigger to hopefully give the follies an added push to the right size.  Not looking forward to this trigger because this is an intramuscular injection whereas my last trigger was subcutaneous.  In other words, I’m going from 1/2″ needle to 1 1/2″.

Tomorrow, I won’t have to take any shots! That’s going to be weird and out of the norm.

Friday morning will be Egg Retrieval Day!  I’ll write more about this tomorrow!

Here come the nerves and the “what if” questions. Apparently, they decided to show up late to the party this time around.

Needle Stick Count: Arm-8  Tummy-34 Bum-0<—soon to be 1

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Stims Stats Volume II- Days 10 & 11

  1. Ashley says:

    Hi Jackie (I hope you don’t mind my informality)! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to each of your posts. I love hearing about your updates (which feels a little weird because I don’t actually know you), and for whatever it’s worth you have the total support, thoughts, and prayers of a total stranger!

    Liked by 1 person

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