7 weeks + 2 days


We last left off at the news of our third beta which confirmed our pregnancy.  Let me just say we are truly overwhelmed with the amount of support and prayers we have received along this journey.  Hubby and I are so grateful for all of your messages, texts, comments and emails!  The blog hit an all time daily high with close to 600 separate visits in 24 hours! I was shocked! Thank you again!!

7 weeks + 2 days. This is where we are today.  I think I’m still in shock. So much has happened. so lets catch up!

Pregnancy Symptoms Are No Joke


My amazing MIL made me an anti-nausea kit! It’s awesome!

From the moment we were told that it was official, I have had every textbook symptom.  I had minor cramping (normal-no spotting), heartburn, exhaustion, nausea, extreme gag reflex, acne, sore ta-ta’s, etc.  I especially found if I didn’t eat the moment I got hungry or I ate too much that is when the nausea would be at its worst.  The exhaustion has really kicked in lately and I find between 2pm and 4pm is when I want to take a nap. Since I normally get off work around 3pm, I usually try to get a quick siesta in before dinner time which allows me to recharge!  Last week, I let the gagging get the best of me.  Luckily, I had just gotten home from work.  Word to the wise, don’t eat red Jolly Ranchers if you think you might get sick. Looks like blood coming up which will cause a slight panic attack.

Speaking of panic attacks, this portion of my pregnancy, thus far, has a been mind boggling.  Late last week, I woke up and felt completely normal.  Not a single symptom, not even sore BB’s.  Nothing.  I immediately started to panic thinking something was wrong.  I texted friends and once again turned to Dr. Google (I know, I know) and my IVF forums to see if this was normal.  Fortunately, the majority of everyone stated this is completely normal for symptoms to come and go around this time and I felt more at ease.  I felt a lot better about two days later when symptoms came back with a vengeance. I can’t help but think how funny it is that these symptoms make you feel miserable, but the moment you don’t have them you are pleading with your body to have them back.  Hubby keeps reminding me we paid a lot of money for me to feel this way and I remind myself I am grateful to be experiencing them. Sometimes it’s just a little hard to remember when you are on the floor of the bathroom facing a toilet.

First Ultrasound

So, at 5 weeks+6 days we had our first ultrasound.  Usually they do ultrasounds at 6 weeks but because of my work schedule they had me come in a day early.  I had already convinced myself they may not be able to see the baby yet because it was so early and I was more concerned with how many babies there were and if it was in the right place, etc.  When we arrived, we were greeted by one of our favorite nurses.  She led us back to the room and gave the usual undressing instructions.  I wore my lucky socks that I have so far worn to every appointment since our transfer and made sure those suckers stayed on!  Don’t mind the fact it was 85 degrees and these are some thick socks. I was wearing them! Our nurse told us before leaving the room what to prepare for during the ultrasound.  She stated it was very early and we might not see a baby.   She said, “We want to see the campsite and the tent.  We might just not see the little camper or the campfire (heartbeat). Don’t worry or beat yourself up over it.  It’s not uncommon to not see anything like that until next time.” She left and went to go get the nurse practitioner

I understood but I so badly wanted to see something to help put my mind at ease.  The nurse practitioner arrived and our nurse came too because she wanted to watch.  I assumed “the position” and grabbed Hubby’s hand as we tried to make sense of the gray and black areas on the screen.  Almost immediately, we saw the gestational sac.  She zoomed in and there it was.  The tent, our camper and then looking even closer we saw the slightest flicker of light, the campfire. I squeezed Hubby’s hand and I just kept repeating “Oh.my.gosh.” The only words I could get to come out of my mouth.  “Oh.my.gosh.” In reply to my repetitive words Hubby chimed in and asked the nurse “Can you just look around real quick and make sure that’s the only one.”  I chuckled and they said there was indeed, only one.  I think everyone in the room, the whole building, heard his sigh of relief.

The outer circle is the gestational sac, the ring-shaped circle is the yolk sac and the diamond on the ring is our peanut!

After snapping a few pictures of our little peanut, they wanted to make sure everything else was doing well.  My ovaries were still pretty swollen from stimulation of IVF and hadn’t completely gone down back to normal size.  They also found fluid behind my uterus.  These things are pretty common with IVFers. After having stimulation for almost two weeks, then having the follicles aspirated, they tend to panic and try to fill back up with fluid again and the fluid has to go somewhere.  Hopefully, we will see at the next ultrasound some progress of the fluid being absorbed.  I definitely don’t feel as bloated as before so I’m hoping that is a good sign.  They have kept me on my activity restriction I have been on since starting IVF, to reduce risk of ovarian torsion while they are still so swollen.

What’s next?

Tomorrow, I have my first appointment with an OB.  I have had some other symptoms as a result of all of the hormones and progesterone injections (I’ll spare you the details) and my RE said to check in with them.  I haven’t been to this particular OB but I’m excited because she comes highly recommended by friends and she is close to our home.  I was actually surprised they could get me in so early.  I’m secretly hoping for a sneak peek of our peanut before the scheduled ultrasound at our fertility clinic later this week. Thursday may very well be our last appointment with our RE and we may officially “graduate” to the OB.  We’re keeping our fingers cross that all goes well.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been a nervous wreck.  We are currently in the middle of the highest-risk time frame for a miscarriage.  With every ping of pain or cramping, I am constantly questioning what is happening in there.  I believe I’ll feel much more relief when we actually can hear the heartbeat, but according to all the moms I know, I’ve been told you truly never stop worrying.  You just find something new to worry about.  See, mind games!  This stuff is not for the weak!

Hopefully I’ll have another update (and a positive one at that) for you this week!  Please say a prayer for us tomorrow and Thursday!

Until next time,





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