Halloween Scare


Hello again!  It’s been awhile but in all honesty, I’ve been waiting until today to post another blog.   Today, besides being Halloween is also the day of our last, first trimester appointment.  Judging by this blog’s title you probably guessed it didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

The Appointment

Our day started out early.  Hubby had plans to leave for a conference in Dallas after our OB appointment which was scheduled at 8:00am. We checked in and sat in the waiting room for a few minutes before being called back.  My nerves were already out of control because I had always had it in my mind if we could get past this appointment everything would be okay.  The nurse came and called us back to take my vitals!  I was told at our first OB appointment 4 weeks ago she would like to see my weight gain for this pregnancy stay between 15-20 pounds.  So, I’ve been trying to monitor my weight closely this first trimester and was excited to see I’ve only gained one pound during this first 11 weeks, knowing the second and third will be where the most weight will be gained.  My blood pressure was also great and right on target.

Where is it?

We were taken to the exam room and only had to wait a few short minutes before our OB arrived.  She asked how things are going and I explained I’m feeling much better lately with the exception of some extreme sciatic nerve pain.  After we talk about a few more things, she explains because I’m only 11 weeks and 3 days today and not quite 12 weeks, we might not be able to hear the heartbeat but she would like to try with the fetal doppler.

We have been anxiously awaiting to hear the heartbeat since our first ultrasound, so I excitedly agreed.  The doppler she was using had a bad connection in the cord and after a few minutes and multiple passes across my abdomen with no luck and the doppler cutting out she decided to grab another doppler.  As she left the room, Hubby standing by my side I felt his hand reach for mine.  I could feel my heartbeat beating faster and harder and a lump in my throat forming.  She returned and reminded me again not to worry, that it was still early and if we didn’t hear anything we would get an ultrasound to double check.  She placed the new doppler on my abdomen and began to push even harder listening closer. At this point she is pushing so hard, Hubby said her hands were shaking. We hear something and it turns out to be my own pulse.  False hope.  Minutes pass and to say I became worried is an understatement.  She lifted up the doppler and said “Ok.  Everything else looks great but let’s get you an ultrasound and then I’ll see you back in 4 weeks!”  She is very sweet but no matter how she phrased it I was already expecting the worst.

Panic Arises

We went to check out and made an appointment for 4 weeks from today. The woman at the front desk told us there was an open appointment for an ultrasound an hour from then.  Hubby was scheduled to leave in less than that and we asked if they had anything available sooner.  She was able to call back and ask if they could rush us in and we were able to get an appointment in just 15 minutes.  Some hope gained.

We walked to the waiting area by the ultrasound room and had a seat.  I couldn’t help but stare off into space and continued thinking the worst.  How would I tell our family and friends?  Why is this happening? I began praying when I felt Hubby place his hand on my back.  He told me I couldn’t start to worry yet and we had to trust the doctor.  Over and over again he kept saying they said it was still early and it was a possibility we wouldn’t be able to hear anything.  I began to sob silently while he tried to comfort me.  I knew deep down he was right but I couldn’t help but fear what the possibility could be.  I was able to gather myself and stop crying and I was just grateful he was there with me.


Just as I was wiping tears away, I heard my name called.  I grabbed my purse and stood up to walk towards the ultrasound technician.  As I looked up, I couldn’t help but chuckle.  Our tech was dressed as a clown.  Not the scary ones that have been plastered all over the news.  No, this was the happy, rainbow wig wearing, big red nose kind. She directed us to the dimly lit room.  I hopped on the table and Hubby sat next to me as we directed our attention to a large TV screen with the mirror image of the ultrasound.  This was it.  In just a few short seconds, my mind would either be put at ease or my life would crumble into tiny pieces.

Hubby Was Right…Again.

As soon as the wand was placed on my abdomen, there it was.  Baby Bear (the nickname we’ve given our little one) was wiggling and dancing around, heart beating and everything. “You little brat!”  I blurted out.  We all giggled.  Hubby quickly pounced upon the opportunity and gave me the “I-told-you-so” look.

baby lightle.jpg
Little Lightle at 11 weeks and 3 days!

The clown/technician did a few measurements of my ovaries and went back to our little one who was flipping about and as active as could be, jumping from back to front to back again.  The tech took a few pictures hoping the baby would turn on its side to get a good profile shot and after a few minutes, our stubborn little kiddo finally turn on their side and we got a great picture.  His/Her heartbeat was at a perfect 163bpm!  Our bear even turned over facing us and even gave us a little wave.  Almost to say, “Oh HEY! Things are great in here! Just wanted to show I’m definitely my dad’s child and play a little joke!” We are in huge trouble if this is how it’s going to be.

Waving, fist pumping or making Nanny Nanny Boo Boo faces at us, this kid is already giving us a run for our money!

The tech explains my uterus is still retroverted (or tilting to the back) and the placenta is in the front causing a pillow-like barrier.  This is why it was hard to find the heartbeat but it should right itself as time continues and won’t cause any issues to the baby.  Also, it may take me longer to feel the baby kicking with the “extra padding” between the baby and my belly.  But in other words, everything was fine.  It was so reassuring to see our little baby on that screen this morning.  I believe we both took a huge sigh of relief knowing everything was a-ok!

Big Sis For The Win!

The charms we gave K as clues

K came for a long weekend 2 weeks ago because school was out.  We decided it was a good time to reveal to her that she was going to have a new little brother or sister! She always loves going through my Origami Owl charms and making lockets. I told her she could go through some and set what she wanted to keep in a glass dish on the side. While she was busy browsing, I put 4 charms we ordered for her in the dish. A May birthstone, a baby block, the year 2017 charm, and a heart that said sister! Took her a second (just like we thought it would), BUT she got it!! To see the video we sneakily captured of the reveal, CLICK HERE!

Upcoming News and Plans

What I’ll look like for the next 3 weeks!

Last Monday, we had Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing done which checks for chromosomal abnormalities through a simple blood test.  During this test they separate the baby’s DNA from my own and examine the chromosomes for things like Downs Syndrome and a few others.  They can also find out the gender!  We should have results any day now!  Don’t ask for the results though!  We will have a gender reveal when K is back in town for Thanksgiving so she can be a part of the reveal!!  I’ll just have to lock myself away from all of society for awhile so I don’t blurt it out!  Aside from that, our next appointment will be in 4 weeks and hopefully it will go smoother than today!

Until next time,





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