13 Weeks


How Far along?: 13 weeks today! Fridays are now my most looked-forward-to day because that’s when I start my “new week” with Baby Lightle.

Size of the Baby: So I have a variety of apps and they have different “themes” of baby size.  This week Little Lightle is about the size of a clown fish, a hot jalapeno, a Hot Wheels car, a peach or a lemon!  Roughly about 3 inches long and just under 1 ounce in weight!

Baby Bump:  I noticed this week my stomach is definitely getting harder and what I was certain was all bloat from IVF treatments and early pregnancy is turning into more of a bump!

Gender: Last week we received the results of our chromosome testing and we are happy to

How Hubby found out the gender!

announce everything came back genetically normal!  Yes, we do know the gender and no, we aren’t telling…yet.  We are waiting for K to get in town for Thanksgiving so she can be a part of our big reveal!  I did get to have fun with telling Hubby.  He was out of town when I received the results, so while he was gone, I bought a color appropriate onsie and made my own iron on that said “Daddy’s Drinking Buddy” (figured it was appropriate as Hubby is a Brewmaster) with a baby bottle.  I had the present waiting for him when he got home.  His first words were “How long have you known?!”  I was so glad to finally tell SOMEONE.  The dogs were excited when I told them but I don’t think they quite understood. Haha!

Movement: Still too early.   We also found out at our last appointment, (which you can read about here), with my retroverted uterus and the placenta being in the front, it may take longer for me to feel things. I have felt bubbles/gurgling at night when I lay down at night, but I’m convinced it’s just gas.

Sleep: Thanks to my sister-in-law, I have been using a Boppy Pregnancy pillow that has helped with my back and sciatic nerve pain.  I had my first night this week where I didn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom since the start of this pregnancy, but it didn’t last long.  The last two nights made up for it with multiple trips.

Maternity Clothes:  I finally gave in and bought a pair of maternity jeans from Target after the hair tie trick quit working on my old jeans.  Best decision ever.  I also received a generous stack of pants and shirts from a friend at church which has been a life saver!  Aside from that I live in stretchy workout pants most of the time.  I plan on doing some more shopping soon.

Symptoms: Around 10 weeks, I noticed a huge change in symptoms and started to feel human/”normal” again.  Nausea and exhaustion seemed to be a thing of the past.  That was until last week.  Nausea has returned, more or less it’s my gag reflex.  Brushing my teeth…I gag, just thinking about certain foods or if I’ve eaten just a tad too much of something…I gag, and here’s a new one, when I sneeze…I gag.   I love napping and it seems I’d be perfectly content sleeping my life away after work each day.  I was getting ready to take a nap and I fell asleep for 3 hours.  Hubby wakes me up for dinner and says, “You might want to get up or you won’t be able to sleep tonight.”   Challenge accepted. I was still in bed by 9:00pm that night. Heartburn also briefly disappeared and then made an even bigger comeback! nothing Zantac can’t fix! Although annoying, I welcome symptoms with open arms as it’s a sign things are growing!

Cravings: Milk.  I have always been a milk drinker but it’s been taken to a whole new level.  We are going through 2-3 gallons a week it seems like.  Cinnamon Rolls, the kind out of the can, fruit and cake have also been right up there.  Other than that, I haven’t had cravings for one specific thing, it just seems more like when I get a craving it’s random and for something I want right now.  Yesterday, it was oranges.  The smell of one brought it on and I had to have one!

Aversions: Greasy food and/or fast food.  Just doesn’t sound appealing to me, which is weird because I used to eat fast food a lot.  Also, like I said, if I eat and I’m really full, if I start to even think about dessert or eating something else, it’s a trip down to Gag-town.

Missing Most: Deli meat, untoasted sandwiches.  I never realized how much I ate cold deli meats until I was told not to eat them.  Yes, I know, I can just warm it up and eat it but it’s not the same and having paid $35k for this kid, I’m not willing to risk it just because I want a club.

Nursery:  I think we have everything picked out and a theme in mind, however I can’t share yet because it would give away the gender!

Best Part of the Week: On Monday, Hubby and I spent the afternoon starting our registry and although it was overwhelming, it was so much fun to start planning. I’m a planner and as soon as I found out what our Baby Bear was I wanted to start looking at everything possible! (Registry is currently set to private, again not to give away the gender. Sorry, no cheating!)

Can’t Wait For: I can’t wait for our Gender Reveal! It will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I thought it would be much harder keeping this secret but it has been kind of fun. We are doing a “What’s the scoop” theme and will have an ice cream bar! Mmmmm, now I’m craving ice cream.


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