15 Weeks


How Far along?: 15 weeks and 1 day!  This week sort of snuck up on me with Thanksgiving!

Size of the Baby: Little Lightle is just over 4.5 inches in length and weighs approximately 2-3 ounces. 15228032_10100558918694880_1603100689_nThis week our baby is comparable to a Navel Orange, an Eclair, a box of 8 Crayola Crayons, and a yellow canary.

Baby Bump:  It continues to get bigger! I figure I’ll start doing weekly pictures to compare.

Gender: Tomorrow is the big day! I’m so excited to share with everyone and see all of our friends and family!  We were able to share with K this week and she’s excited for tomorrow too!

Movement: I think yesterday I finally felt baby bear flutters.  While sitting still at work I felt little butterfly movements right where they have consistently found Baby for heartbeats and ultrasounds!  Every so often, I continue to get the feeling of pressure and the tiniest bubbly feeling.

Sleep: Well, this past week hasn’t been the best, sleep-wise.  I injured my ankle/foot pretty bad last Sunday which resulted in lots of bruising and swelling.  Between that, needing to get up to go to the restroom and officially needing to start supporting my belly while sleeping (yay for pregnancy pillows!), the number of uncomfortable sleeping positions outweighs the number of comfortable ones, which leads to my sleep being interrupted.

Maternity Clothes: No longer in my pre-preggo jeans and my yoga/workout pants are starting to seem tighter around the waist area!  My work shirt which is a standard polo is slowly getting shorter and covering less.  I’m going to have to figure out a solution there! My sister-in-law has been passing on quite a few items for me as well which has helped a ton!

Symptoms: A lot of symptoms are fleeting which is nice.  The ones sticking around seem to be the ta-ta issues I wrote about last week, the werewolf-like hair growth, and heartburn.  My acne seems to be coming in waves, this week being one of those non-favorable moments.

Cravings: Sweets! I’m digging candy and cinnamon rolls (of course!) and oranges!   I also just got a craving for those Circus Animal Frosted Cookies with the sprinkles…I’m going to have to go to the store on my way home from work, I think…

Aversions: Greasy food is still my high deterrent.  I also haven’t been eating as much.   Don’t get me wrong I’m still hungry, just seems like less is filling me up!

Missing Most: This week it’s been wine.  19a6df9e0a6f5a4ca9c215131f36ffa071_527c3b3ee74cbWhile shopping for Thanksgiving I somehow ended up in the “beverage” department and walked by my favorite Moscato.  So far these past few weeks, my husband lets me take a whiff of his beer when he pours one since that’s as close as I’m going to get for another 24+ weeks.  This is the downside to being married to a Brew Master while pregnant, I guess.

Nursery:  Haven’t been able to clear it out yet due to my foot injury. Currently still acting as our Bulldog living quarters and hide-all for our random junk.

Best Part of the Week: Definitely would be telling K she was having a little brother or sister.  We employed the help of our (really hers) 3-legged Pit Bull, Captain.  I made a sign that said “Hey K! We are getting a Little ______!” and tied it around his neck and sent him running to her!  It was so cute and I can’t wait to share pictures once it’s announced tomorrow!

Can’t Wait For:  A lot of things are happening this week! Of course, tomorrow we FINALLY get to share with all of our favorite people if Gummy Bear is a boy or a girl! Then Monday is our next OB appointment!  Wednesday, I get another AMAZING prenatal massage from one of my close friends.  Finally, Thursday is my appointment with the Breast Specialist and hopefully we’ll have some answers!   Lots to write about next week!

Stay tuned!

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