19 weeks


How far along?: 19 weeks + 4 days today! A little behind given the holiday and I wanted to wait for the results of our Anatomy Ultrasound which we FINALLY got scheduled for today! *Spoiler Alert: New pictures of Baby Nora at the end of this post!*

Size of the Baby: Today we found out that she is right about 10 ounces which is bigger than my apps suggest but she’s measuring to the day she should be.  Given she’s our IVF baby I told the ultrasound tech I could tell her the exact time-to the minute-of when she was put in there so I know the exact due date and she measured perfectly!  My app says shes about the size of a hedgehog (my favorite!), a Gameboy, a zucchini, a tomato, and a mango!15676547_615449471973598_4470550793686524017_o

Baby Bump: I can tell it’s getting bigger and rounding out. I had been using Palmer’s Stretch Mark Body Butter but we noticed I was starting to develop a rash so I have been using some organic body butter with natural oils and it seems to be doing the trick!  Hubby helped me capture my first (public) bump pic on Christmas.  It was nice to reflect on and I’m excited to repeat the picture next year but with a baby in my arms instead!

Gender:  I’m SO happy because we got visual confirmation today that she is indeed a SHE! As Hubby said “DNA doesn’t lie!” but I needed to see for myself that our NIPT was correct and I asked the tech today if she could “check for a lack of man parts”.  She even gave me a picture!


She didn’t make it easy but we got proof she’s a girl!!!


Movement: I’ve been noticing little popcorn-popping-like movement usually after I eat and at night.  Contrary to what was said at a recent ER visit ultrasound (details below), today’s ultrasound showed my placenta is indeed anterior (in the front) which explains why I’m not feeling full blown kicks yet since it is acting like a cushion right now.  I know I need to be careful what I wish for, but I’m so excited to feel her move more and more.

Sleep: I’m starting to go back downhill on the whole sleep thing again.  I just can’t seem to get comfortable and I’ve reached the point where my belly has to be supported or it hurts. Thank goodness for pregnancy pillows! My sciatic nerve is having flare ups again and I knew it was only a matter of time so trying to sleep in comfortable positions for that reason, too.  Other than that, I find myself waking up around 3am or 4am and I’ll be wide awake for an hour.  My body must be preparing myself for the future! Haha!

Maternity Clothes:  I was handed down a few more things from my sister-in-law and she had some of the most comfortable shirts!  They are my go-to’s right now.  There were some nicer shirts I can use for church I’m excited to try out!  I have found out I must wear pants with a full-panel belly band or I’ll pay for it later.  I’m hoping to do some shopping when my mom and I have a girls day in a couple weeks and get a few more things.

Symptoms: Last week, I wrote about a trip to the ER where they were sure I had a kidney stone or two. If I’ve learned anything with this  entire journey, just when I think we have things figured out, we are blindsided again.  The morning of the 18th, I had woken up to get ready for church and noticed the cramping and soreness I had had since the previous ER trip that week had intensified.  I heard the front door shut as Hubby had just walked out of the house to go get coffee before he had to be at worship team rehearsal as I went to the restroom.  As I finished, I saw bright red blood and I knew it wasn’t caused by a kidney stone (different area). I immediately began to panic.  I grabbed my phone and frantically called Hubby, hoping he hadn’t made it too far.  He answered and I blurted out “I need you back here, I’m bleeding, I need you. Please, come back!”  Every fear, negative thought and all the anxiety settled in my chest as I began sobbing.  I just kept thinking, I can’t believe this is happening again.  God, please don’t let this happen to us again.  Luckily, Hubby hadn’t even pulled out of the driveway yet so he quickly came back inside and found me shaking in the bathroom.  He told me to get dressed, he would take me to the ER and told me to do my best to not panic because that will only make things worse for me and for her.  Too late, already panicking. We rush to the hospital and along the way I feel lots of cramps and pain which didn’t help my anxiety at all.  We arrive and surprisingly, at 8am on a Sunday morning, there was no one else in the waiting room and they got me right back to a room.  We were greeted by the nurse practitioner who said the doctor was going to grab the ER ultrasound machine and just check on the baby first.  This thing was the crappiest machine I have ever seen but we made it work and we saw her in there moving as well as her heart beating.  They had trouble measuring the heartbeat so he explained the nurse would grab the doppler and try to get a heart rate measured. As usual, the keyword here is try because we all know I have the world’s best hide and seek champion in my belly but after 20 minutes of her literally kicking away from the doppler wand we caught a heartbeat to be measured.  After some other tests, they couldn’t really come up with a reason for the bleeding but was reassured baby was okay and since I hadn’t had any more bleeding they sent me home to rest.  I went home and slept for about four hours.  I woke up and decided to try to eat something and in the 10 minutes I was up moving, the cramping and pain returned.  I went to the restroom again and found blood again.  I decided to call our OB on call first to see what they wanted me to do before we made the choice to go back.  While speaking with her, she asked if they checked my cervix or anything to ensure I wasn’t in pre-term labor. I told her no and she didn’t seem very happy and told me to go back and she would send orders to check.  On our way back to the ER, I spoke with one of my best friends who used to be a nurse at the same hospital and knows the doctor I talked to and her response was “Yeah, I bet she’s not happy and I’m sure they know you are coming now!”  They sure did!  When I walked in the triage nurse said she had just gotten off the phone with the OB and someone from radiology would be up to get me.  They took me back and did a cervical length check via ultrasound and measured her heart rate again and we later found out everything looked good and normal.  However, before receiving the results, the ER doctor came in and told us it sounded like I was in preterm labor and at 18 weeks there wasn’t anything they could do to stop it.  I thought Hubby was going to knock him out. Luckily, everything checked out fine and again they sent us home for a follow up with my OB’s office (I already had an appointment scheduled for that Tuesday) and to take it easy.  At my follow up appointment, I met with a nurse practitioner at the office and after hearing about our 3 ER visits and assortment of tests she felt my pain could be caused by a bladder infection and the stones.  Her thought about the bleeding is it could be caused by a fast growing uterus and broken capillaries in my cervix and said since it hadn’t continued she wasn’t too worried about it and sometimes it just happens in pregnancies.  I was prescribed a week of antibiotics and after all was said and done, I feel a lot better now.  Our anatomy ultrasound today showed my cervix is still long and normal and no outlying issues elsewhere. By far, the scariest experience I have experienced in a long time and I’ve learned to not take this pregnancy for granted.

Cravings: This week, it’s been chocolate cake! 15590936_10100578053333910_4298353258412339972_oOne evening, before bed I was really craving it and luckily, we had a box of cake mix in our pantry so I made a cake at 10pm!   It was so delicious!

Aversions: I can’t really think of any new ones.  Overly greasy food is still on my bad list. I had Sonic for dinner last week because I was in a pinch and I felt awful afterwards.   

Missing Most: I miss being able to do regular household things/chores in a timely manner.  I noticed while cleaning the house for the holidays, I had to take numerous breaks for my back and it took me almost three times as long.  I got really frustrated last night because I was working on cleaning out Nora’s future nursery and while pre-pregnant me would already be done, pregnant me only got about halfway done before I called it quits.

Nursery: I did start clearing it out and I’ll be working on it little by little the rest of this week. Hubby and I had the realization that time is flying by and I want to be able to help as much as possible, while I still can!

Best Part of the Week: Finally receiving the call last week to schedule our anatomy ultrasound for today!   It was nice having a scheduled ultrasound with a lot less stress and being able to see her wiggle around.  We have to go back in three weeks to get pictures of things we weren’t able to see today.  Little Miss kept putting her hands in front of her face and had her head down low so we were unable to get a good picture of her profile. They also want to check for a cleft palate but they couldn’t see her lips this time around.

Can’t Wait For:  K is coming for the weekend! She was supposed to come yesterday for a week but was sick so we had to postpone her visit.  We have a regular OB appointment next Tuesday and to follow up from last week’s craziness.

Here are the pictures we were able to get of Miss Nora today!  She is quite perfect but I might be a little biased! 🙂


Her arm and hand waving hello!


At one point, she stretched out her legs really far! 


Until next time,





18 Weeks


How Far along?: 18 weeks + 1 day!

Size of the Baby: This week our little Nora is over 5 1/2 inches and close to 7 ounces!


Almost certainly?!

She is approximately the size of a sweet potato, croissant, artichoke, a bell pepper, a toy sling-shot, or a sugar glider!

Baby Bump: Growing little by little but enough to throw off my center of gravity and cause some back soreness! All signs she’s getting bigger so I’ll take it!

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Starting to feel more flutters late at night when its quiet, right when I get up in the morning and I’m pretty sure she does a little happy dance anytime I eat!

Sleep: This past week has been much better in the sleep department!  May still have to get up once to use the restroom but there have been a few nights where I slept straight through until my alarm!

Maternity Clothes: Probably TMI but had to get underwear this week.  Something I realized no one tells you about pregnancy is your underwear may not fit anymore either and they weren’t!  Fixed that problem!

Symptoms: So I noticed last week, I was using the restroom more frequently and assumed it was just another common pregnancy symptom.  I also started to notice a soreness, almost like a pulled muscle feeling, in my pelvic region every time I would get up from lying down or stand up from sitting for awhile.  I thought it was maybe round ligament pain but I noticed it never went away.  Around Wednesday, I started feeling low back pain on either side and that night it became painful to urinate.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I called the OB on call and explained everything and she suggested going to the ER if it continued, to rule out a UTI or Kidney Infection.  After taking a hot shower and not getting any relief, Hubby and I decided it was time to go.  After arriving around 11:30pm we waited until 2:00am to be seen. After bloodwork and a urinalysis we had an ultrasound of my kidneys, bladder and of course, our little peanut.  As usual, she was in there doing her little cha-cha, measured perfectly in size and had a heart rate of 147!kidney  They also told me the placenta is now in the back which is a relief and means I may start to feel more definite kicks sooner rather than later!   All in all, no infection which is great but I do have 1, possibly 2, small kidney stones.  Hubby who had been in and out of sleep with his head resting on the hospital side table, lifted his head enough to chuckle when the doctor said kidney stones.  He’s had eight since we’ve been together.  They think my Tums consumption, (in Hubby’s words, I used to pop them like Skittles), from the first trimester in addition to my prenatal vitamins may have caused them. The pain has somewhat subsided and I think the stones have stopped moving, for now.  Some soreness is still there when I get up out of bed but I also think I need to start wearing a belly band or have more support for my growing belly and that may help.

Cravings: Peanut Butter! I got Jif Peanut Butter To-Go cups and have been eating it with apples and it is SO good! I’m still on this Chicken Sandwich kick and also have really wanted chips with french onion dip!   I’m still drinking milk at least twice a day but focusing on my water intake a little more heavily trying to flush these stones out!

Aversions: Taco Bell is the only one I could think of this week because Hubby suggested it for dinner and the look on my face communicated a definitive no.  I haven’t had Taco Bell in months and I don’t see it in my future anytime soon.

Missing Most: Warm weather.  It’s supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow and we’re currently iced in.  It’s starting to snow now and they are calling for 2-4 inches by night time, making the roads worse.  I’ve also realized when it’s cold out, my whole body tightens up and it hurts now!  I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind winter usually but this is just ridiculous!

Nursery: I’ve been procrastinating enough and now that we are stuck inside, the plan is to make leeway on her room this weekend!

Best Part of the Week: Last week, I talked about the results from my chest ultrasound.  We had a follow up with the breast specialist on Tuesday to find out if there were any additional tests he wanted to do.  He gave us the all clear and said to just keep an eye on my symptoms for the remainder of the my pregnancy! No more appointments with him unless it is necessary!  What a big relief that was! One less thing to worry about!

Can’t Wait For:  I am STILL waiting to hear when my 18-20 week anatomy ultrasound will be.  I received notification our insurance approved the appointment but now we are having a communication problem between my OB’s office sending the orders to the facility where the ultrasound will be done!  The clock is ticking and throw the holidays in, it becomes a scheduling nightmare! I have a follow up with my OB’s office from my visit to the ER for my kidney stones on Tuesday.  If we’re still having problems I’m going to see if I can just take the orders to the high-risk OB’s office myself! I’m so ready to get some new pics of our Nora!

I hope everyone has a great week leading up to Christmas and a blessed holiday season!


Until next time,


17 weeks


How Far along?: 17 weeks + 3 days! A little bit behind but this weekend was crazy.


It’s been fun to watch this hand grow!

Size of the Baby: Miss Nora is just slightly over 5 inches and a little over 5 ounces!  The apps this week say she is the size of a turnip, a video game controller, a creme brulée, a pomegranate or a chipmunk!

Baby Bump: Still growing and becoming more noticeable.  I’ve began having friends and family commenting on how I’m starting to show and with that comes the belly touches. Surprisingly, I’m not bothered by it happening but then again it’s been by people I know. I’m sure if it was a stranger I would feel differently. It actually makes me smile to have people notice. It also feels slightly weird knowing months ago I was actually trying to hide my belly because of weight and then going to wanting to show it off with a maternity shirt!


My bump starting to poke out! Can still see my feet…for now.

Gender: Still a girl as far as we know!  Anxiously awaiting the confirmation in an ultrasound but the test we used is proven to be 99% correct so I’m not too worried!

I occasionally feel what I think is a flutter but only when I’m laying in bed and it’s quiet and I’m really concentrating.  I can’t wait to feel the undeniable kicks but I have a feeling I have a couple more weeks before that happens considering they said I had an anterior placenta.

Sleep: The past few nights I’ve only had to get up only once in the middle of the night which has been nice.  Hubby pointed out last week my snoring has gotten way worse and I read that’s normal as your nasal passages swell around this time.  I’ve added another pillow to my collection which helps keep my head propped and the snoring at a manageable level.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new added lately.  I think I will have to look at more shirts soon and leggings are my new best friend!


We received our Amazon Welcome Box for registering and in it was the cutest swaddle blanket!  I’m obsessed with anything hedgehog or foxes for Miss Nora!

Symptoms: Aside from the consistent ones, nothing new to report here.  My back hurts a little bit and I’m guessing its because of the growing belly is causing things to pull forward.  Also, because of this I’ve noticed my center of gravity has changed and I lose my balance a lot easier.   I also have multiplied, quite significantly, the number of times I visit the restroom on a daily basis.

Cravings: This past week it’s been crispy chicken sandwiches, anything breakfast related, salads and cookies.  I’ve also been thirsty for water a lot more recently which is helping fill my hydration needs!

Aversions: Pizza which is weird because I’ve enjoyed pizza the majority of this pregnancy.  Maybe that is why and I’ve just overdone it.

Missing Most: Walking and bending over without feeling like I’m running out of air.  The thin, cold winter air isn’t helping but walking to my car after work makes me sound like I just ran a marathon.  Yes, I realize this isn’t going to get better any time soon.

Nursery: 15537014_10100572075488560_1597973867_o.jpgIt was sort of like Christmas came early this past week.   We received Nora’s crib, mattress and nursery bedding!  The bedding is brighter and even better in person!  The colors are more of a pink/coral, aqua and gray.  It’s so cute!  I’m hoping to finish clearing out her room so Hubby can put the crib together so we can see what it looks like!

Best Part of the Week: I had a full chest ultrasound regarding the symptoms I’ve been talking about the last few weeks.  An ultrasound tech spent almost 30 minutes looking for any abnormalities and said you could definitely tell there was inflammation but everything else looked good to her.  She had the radiologist come in and do a once over to see if she found anything and she said she saw no signs of any malignancy and believes my symptoms are being caused by fluid retention!  This is great news!  I have a follow up tomorrow with the breast specialist we’ve been seeing to see if he wants to do any further testing but the radiologist stated she didn’t see the need to.

Can’t Wait For:  I’m still awaiting the phone call about scheduling our 18-20 week ultrasound!  I spoke with our insurance company and it shows our authorization was approved late last week so once the nurses get something scheduled we should have a date to see our little one soon!

We have already had a few people ask where we are registering.  We have registries at Amazon.com (Click here for link) and Babies R’ Us (Click here for link).

Until next time,



16 Weeks-It’s a girl!


How Far along?: 16 weeks +1 day today! Crazy to think at the end of this month will be halfway there!


Well, thats a little creepy!

Size of the Baby: Getting closer to 5 inches and weighing about 4 ounces!  Baby Lightle is the size of an avocado, dill pickle, action figure or a Philippine Tarsier.  Didn’t know what that was and had to look it up.  I put a picture to save you the trouble! Let’s hope the baby doesn’t look like that!

Baby Bump: I don’t know what happened this week but it was like BAM!  Here’s belly! I know earlier on a lot of it was bloating but that seemed to subside as time went on and it fluctuated.  What’s happening now doesn’t go away and it’s just constant.  I know it’s not all baby but it’s definitely everything else moving up and out of the way to make room for our growing little one!

Gender: We finally got to announce what we are having and IT’S A GIRL!!!!  Eleanor Charlotte, who we will call Nora for short, will be arriving in the spring!


Captain announcing to Kylee they were getting a sister!  Lola, of course, had to photobomb!

We are all so excited, especially K, who already has 2 younger half-brothers and has told me since the day Hubby and I got married, “If you guys have a baby, can it please be a girl? I want a sister!!”  We told her by having her best friend, our (I should really say her) 3-legged Pit Mix, tell her.  We made a makeshift sign that said “Hey Kylee! We’re getting a little sister!” and tied it around his collar and sent him running to find her.  She immediately lifted her arms in a fit a joy and screamed “YAY!”  Last Sunday, we hosted a gender reveal for our family and friends and had a great turn out!  I wanted to be a little different from the usually balloon popping and cake eating reveals so we went with a “What’s The Scoop?” theme and had an ice cream bar and other sweet treats.  After all, that is what Momma has been craving! 😉  For the actual reveal we gathered everyone around and revealed a big bowl of pink strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup and pink sprinkles! It was so much fun and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! We also did a social media announcement influenced by Hubby’s profession!  I’ll post pictures at the end of this post!  If you want to watch the video from our gender reveal CLICK HERE!

Movement: I’m starting to feel more and more flutters.  Some days it is more frequent than others.  I can’t wait when they turn from butterfly flutters and the small feeling of popcorn popping to actual undeniable kicks.  I know, I say that now, but I’m sure I won’t be as excited in the middle of the night or when she kicks my ribs!

Sleep: Speaking of the middle of the night, nothing much as changed in that department.  I’m still getting up 1-3 times to use the restroom.  I figure it’s just my body’s way of saying my nights of sleeping through are long gone from here on out!  Better get used to it!

Maternity Clothes: Since my belly decided to pop out all of a sudden, I noticed the pair of maternity jeans I recently bought with just the elastic waist, are fitting tighter and I’m going to need more support.  I’ve been wearing my belly band and I invested in another, bigger pair of jeans with a full band and that seems to have helped.

Symptoms: For some reason this week, it seems as though my exhaustion has made a comeback. I’ve been wanting naps again after work and I have been wanting to go to bed earlier.  Still waiting for the energy boost everyone talks about happening in the second trimester!  Thirst has also picked up a notch.  Especially the last few days, I felt like I have been in the desert and I’ve drank more water each day than I can honestly say I ever have.  Regarding the concerning symptoms I had previously written about my ta-tas, I had a pretty good appointment with the Breast Specialist today. The good news is both the nurse practitioner and the specialist highly doubt its cancer related since my symptoms are bilateral. He said between gravity, pregnancy hormones and edema, they think its something lymphatic. They want to completely rule out any possibility of some sort of inflammatory cancer, so the game plan is to have a full ultrasound next Thursday and then possibly have a skin biopsy the following Tuesday depending on the ultrasound results. Either way, they’ll be monitoring me throughout the rest of my pregnancy. If nothing is found with these tests and if it doesn’t disappear after the baby is born, we will do more tests they weren’t able to do while I’ve been pregnant. The nurse practitioner did say they have seen multiple women with the same exact symptoms while pregnant, especially within the last year so it is somewhat comforting to know I’m not the only one. So for now we wait and see! 

Cravings: These have changed a little this week.  First, at our gender reveal, K and I made marshmallow popcorn with frosted circus animals.  Ever since then, I’ve been eating those little frosted circus animals like crazy!  So good!  Also, last weekend I craved Freddy’s Steakburgers but mostly their fries with fry seasoning and their fry sauce.  Hubby and I had that Tuesday for dinner.  Wednesday morning, I woke up craving Chinese food but didn’t think that was acceptable for breakfast so we had it for dinner.  Other than that, my latest meat choice has been chicken when possible.  Also, still eating at least one orange a day!

Aversions: Overly greasy food is still my enemy.  Thursday’s dinner was a lot of fried food and my body didn’t appreciate it at all.

Missing Most: I’m missing caffeinated soda again more specifically, Coke.  There’s just something about hearing someone open a can or just seeing Hubby or our friends order soda when out to eat.  I know I can just have one, but I’ve been going strong since March I’m not about to fall off the wagon now!

Nursery:  I was so happy to finally share with everyone the theme we are going with since everyone knows we’re having a girl!  The nursery set is called Sparrow by Lolli Living.  It’s a woodland themed set with the colors mint, coral and gray.  I’m obsessed with anything with foxes, hedgehogs and bears (after all she is our baby bear) right now! Nora’s Yia Yia (my mom) ordered her crib and bed set for her and it should be here next week.  Now I really have to be committed to start cleaning out her room!

Best Part of the Week: So many good things happened this week! First, sharing with everyone that we’re having a girl!  I don’t have to keep it in anymore or worry about slipping up and blurting it out.  I think it has also made it more exciting and more real to call the baby a “her” or by her name!  We also had our OB appointment last Monday and Hubby finally got to hear her heartbeat, which was easily found this time and in the 150’s.  No doppler dodging for Nora this week! 🙂  I also had an amazing prenatal massage on Wednesday! It was so relaxing!

Can’t Wait For:  I can’t wait for her crib and bedding to get here! I’ll be also anxiously awaiting the phone call for our referral to schedule our Anatomy ultrasound this month!  My doctor is sending us to a high risk OB for the ultrasound so it’s a little more in depth and because she’s an IVF baby, I’m pre-diabetic and have other “issues”! I can’t wait to see her bouncing around in there again!

Here are a few pictures from the Gender Reveal:

gender reveal collage.jpg