16 Weeks-It’s a girl!


How Far along?: 16 weeks +1 day today! Crazy to think at the end of this month will be halfway there!

Well, thats a little creepy!

Size of the Baby: Getting closer to 5 inches and weighing about 4 ounces!  Baby Lightle is the size of an avocado, dill pickle, action figure or a Philippine Tarsier.  Didn’t know what that was and had to look it up.  I put a picture to save you the trouble! Let’s hope the baby doesn’t look like that!

Baby Bump: I don’t know what happened this week but it was like BAM!  Here’s belly! I know earlier on a lot of it was bloating but that seemed to subside as time went on and it fluctuated.  What’s happening now doesn’t go away and it’s just constant.  I know it’s not all baby but it’s definitely everything else moving up and out of the way to make room for our growing little one!

Gender: We finally got to announce what we are having and IT’S A GIRL!!!!  Eleanor Charlotte, who we will call Nora for short, will be arriving in the spring!

Captain announcing to Kylee they were getting a sister!  Lola, of course, had to photobomb!

We are all so excited, especially K, who already has 2 younger half-brothers and has told me since the day Hubby and I got married, “If you guys have a baby, can it please be a girl? I want a sister!!”  We told her by having her best friend, our (I should really say her) 3-legged Pit Mix, tell her.  We made a makeshift sign that said “Hey Kylee! We’re getting a little sister!” and tied it around his collar and sent him running to find her.  She immediately lifted her arms in a fit a joy and screamed “YAY!”  Last Sunday, we hosted a gender reveal for our family and friends and had a great turn out!  I wanted to be a little different from the usually balloon popping and cake eating reveals so we went with a “What’s The Scoop?” theme and had an ice cream bar and other sweet treats.  After all, that is what Momma has been craving! 😉  For the actual reveal we gathered everyone around and revealed a big bowl of pink strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup and pink sprinkles! It was so much fun and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! We also did a social media announcement influenced by Hubby’s profession!  I’ll post pictures at the end of this post!  If you want to watch the video from our gender reveal CLICK HERE!

Movement: I’m starting to feel more and more flutters.  Some days it is more frequent than others.  I can’t wait when they turn from butterfly flutters and the small feeling of popcorn popping to actual undeniable kicks.  I know, I say that now, but I’m sure I won’t be as excited in the middle of the night or when she kicks my ribs!

Sleep: Speaking of the middle of the night, nothing much as changed in that department.  I’m still getting up 1-3 times to use the restroom.  I figure it’s just my body’s way of saying my nights of sleeping through are long gone from here on out!  Better get used to it!

Maternity Clothes: Since my belly decided to pop out all of a sudden, I noticed the pair of maternity jeans I recently bought with just the elastic waist, are fitting tighter and I’m going to need more support.  I’ve been wearing my belly band and I invested in another, bigger pair of jeans with a full band and that seems to have helped.

Symptoms: For some reason this week, it seems as though my exhaustion has made a comeback. I’ve been wanting naps again after work and I have been wanting to go to bed earlier.  Still waiting for the energy boost everyone talks about happening in the second trimester!  Thirst has also picked up a notch.  Especially the last few days, I felt like I have been in the desert and I’ve drank more water each day than I can honestly say I ever have.  Regarding the concerning symptoms I had previously written about my ta-tas, I had a pretty good appointment with the Breast Specialist today. The good news is both the nurse practitioner and the specialist highly doubt its cancer related since my symptoms are bilateral. He said between gravity, pregnancy hormones and edema, they think its something lymphatic. They want to completely rule out any possibility of some sort of inflammatory cancer, so the game plan is to have a full ultrasound next Thursday and then possibly have a skin biopsy the following Tuesday depending on the ultrasound results. Either way, they’ll be monitoring me throughout the rest of my pregnancy. If nothing is found with these tests and if it doesn’t disappear after the baby is born, we will do more tests they weren’t able to do while I’ve been pregnant. The nurse practitioner did say they have seen multiple women with the same exact symptoms while pregnant, especially within the last year so it is somewhat comforting to know I’m not the only one. So for now we wait and see! 

Cravings: These have changed a little this week.  First, at our gender reveal, K and I made marshmallow popcorn with frosted circus animals.  Ever since then, I’ve been eating those little frosted circus animals like crazy!  So good!  Also, last weekend I craved Freddy’s Steakburgers but mostly their fries with fry seasoning and their fry sauce.  Hubby and I had that Tuesday for dinner.  Wednesday morning, I woke up craving Chinese food but didn’t think that was acceptable for breakfast so we had it for dinner.  Other than that, my latest meat choice has been chicken when possible.  Also, still eating at least one orange a day!

Aversions: Overly greasy food is still my enemy.  Thursday’s dinner was a lot of fried food and my body didn’t appreciate it at all.

Missing Most: I’m missing caffeinated soda again more specifically, Coke.  There’s just something about hearing someone open a can or just seeing Hubby or our friends order soda when out to eat.  I know I can just have one, but I’ve been going strong since March I’m not about to fall off the wagon now!

Nursery:  I was so happy to finally share with everyone the theme we are going with since everyone knows we’re having a girl!  The nursery set is called Sparrow by Lolli Living.  It’s a woodland themed set with the colors mint, coral and gray.  I’m obsessed with anything with foxes, hedgehogs and bears (after all she is our baby bear) right now! Nora’s Yia Yia (my mom) ordered her crib and bed set for her and it should be here next week.  Now I really have to be committed to start cleaning out her room!

Best Part of the Week: So many good things happened this week! First, sharing with everyone that we’re having a girl!  I don’t have to keep it in anymore or worry about slipping up and blurting it out.  I think it has also made it more exciting and more real to call the baby a “her” or by her name!  We also had our OB appointment last Monday and Hubby finally got to hear her heartbeat, which was easily found this time and in the 150’s.  No doppler dodging for Nora this week! 🙂  I also had an amazing prenatal massage on Wednesday! It was so relaxing!

Can’t Wait For:  I can’t wait for her crib and bedding to get here! I’ll be also anxiously awaiting the phone call for our referral to schedule our Anatomy ultrasound this month!  My doctor is sending us to a high risk OB for the ultrasound so it’s a little more in depth and because she’s an IVF baby, I’m pre-diabetic and have other “issues”! I can’t wait to see her bouncing around in there again!

Here are a few pictures from the Gender Reveal:

gender reveal collage.jpg


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