17 weeks


How Far along?: 17 weeks + 3 days! A little bit behind but this weekend was crazy.

It’s been fun to watch this hand grow!

Size of the Baby: Miss Nora is just slightly over 5 inches and a little over 5 ounces!  The apps this week say she is the size of a turnip, a video game controller, a creme brulée, a pomegranate or a chipmunk!

Baby Bump: Still growing and becoming more noticeable.  I’ve began having friends and family commenting on how I’m starting to show and with that comes the belly touches. Surprisingly, I’m not bothered by it happening but then again it’s been by people I know. I’m sure if it was a stranger I would feel differently. It actually makes me smile to have people notice. It also feels slightly weird knowing months ago I was actually trying to hide my belly because of weight and then going to wanting to show it off with a maternity shirt!

My bump starting to poke out! Can still see my feet…for now.

Gender: Still a girl as far as we know!  Anxiously awaiting the confirmation in an ultrasound but the test we used is proven to be 99% correct so I’m not too worried!

I occasionally feel what I think is a flutter but only when I’m laying in bed and it’s quiet and I’m really concentrating.  I can’t wait to feel the undeniable kicks but I have a feeling I have a couple more weeks before that happens considering they said I had an anterior placenta.

Sleep: The past few nights I’ve only had to get up only once in the middle of the night which has been nice.  Hubby pointed out last week my snoring has gotten way worse and I read that’s normal as your nasal passages swell around this time.  I’ve added another pillow to my collection which helps keep my head propped and the snoring at a manageable level.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new added lately.  I think I will have to look at more shirts soon and leggings are my new best friend!

We received our Amazon Welcome Box for registering and in it was the cutest swaddle blanket!  I’m obsessed with anything hedgehog or foxes for Miss Nora!

Symptoms: Aside from the consistent ones, nothing new to report here.  My back hurts a little bit and I’m guessing its because of the growing belly is causing things to pull forward.  Also, because of this I’ve noticed my center of gravity has changed and I lose my balance a lot easier.   I also have multiplied, quite significantly, the number of times I visit the restroom on a daily basis.

Cravings: This past week it’s been crispy chicken sandwiches, anything breakfast related, salads and cookies.  I’ve also been thirsty for water a lot more recently which is helping fill my hydration needs!

Aversions: Pizza which is weird because I’ve enjoyed pizza the majority of this pregnancy.  Maybe that is why and I’ve just overdone it.

Missing Most: Walking and bending over without feeling like I’m running out of air.  The thin, cold winter air isn’t helping but walking to my car after work makes me sound like I just ran a marathon.  Yes, I realize this isn’t going to get better any time soon.

Nursery: 15537014_10100572075488560_1597973867_o.jpgIt was sort of like Christmas came early this past week.   We received Nora’s crib, mattress and nursery bedding!  The bedding is brighter and even better in person!  The colors are more of a pink/coral, aqua and gray.  It’s so cute!  I’m hoping to finish clearing out her room so Hubby can put the crib together so we can see what it looks like!

Best Part of the Week: I had a full chest ultrasound regarding the symptoms I’ve been talking about the last few weeks.  An ultrasound tech spent almost 30 minutes looking for any abnormalities and said you could definitely tell there was inflammation but everything else looked good to her.  She had the radiologist come in and do a once over to see if she found anything and she said she saw no signs of any malignancy and believes my symptoms are being caused by fluid retention!  This is great news!  I have a follow up tomorrow with the breast specialist we’ve been seeing to see if he wants to do any further testing but the radiologist stated she didn’t see the need to.

Can’t Wait For:  I’m still awaiting the phone call about scheduling our 18-20 week ultrasound!  I spoke with our insurance company and it shows our authorization was approved late last week so once the nurses get something scheduled we should have a date to see our little one soon!

We have already had a few people ask where we are registering.  We have registries at Amazon.com (Click here for link) and Babies R’ Us (Click here for link).

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “17 weeks

  1. thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

    You’ll be feeling those kicks soon and it is going to be the best thing in the world! Even though she kicks me in the ribs and I cry out in shock or pain recently, they are the best feeling and remind myself how lucky I am to have her!
    Cute bump too!!! 😊


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