18 Weeks


How Far along?: 18 weeks + 1 day!

Size of the Baby: This week our little Nora is over 5 1/2 inches and close to 7 ounces!

Almost certainly?!

She is approximately the size of a sweet potato, croissant, artichoke, a bell pepper, a toy sling-shot, or a sugar glider!

Baby Bump: Growing little by little but enough to throw off my center of gravity and cause some back soreness! All signs she’s getting bigger so I’ll take it!

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Starting to feel more flutters late at night when its quiet, right when I get up in the morning and I’m pretty sure she does a little happy dance anytime I eat!

Sleep: This past week has been much better in the sleep department!  May still have to get up once to use the restroom but there have been a few nights where I slept straight through until my alarm!

Maternity Clothes: Probably TMI but had to get underwear this week.  Something I realized no one tells you about pregnancy is your underwear may not fit anymore either and they weren’t!  Fixed that problem!

Symptoms: So I noticed last week, I was using the restroom more frequently and assumed it was just another common pregnancy symptom.  I also started to notice a soreness, almost like a pulled muscle feeling, in my pelvic region every time I would get up from lying down or stand up from sitting for awhile.  I thought it was maybe round ligament pain but I noticed it never went away.  Around Wednesday, I started feeling low back pain on either side and that night it became painful to urinate.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I called the OB on call and explained everything and she suggested going to the ER if it continued, to rule out a UTI or Kidney Infection.  After taking a hot shower and not getting any relief, Hubby and I decided it was time to go.  After arriving around 11:30pm we waited until 2:00am to be seen. After bloodwork and a urinalysis we had an ultrasound of my kidneys, bladder and of course, our little peanut.  As usual, she was in there doing her little cha-cha, measured perfectly in size and had a heart rate of 147!kidney  They also told me the placenta is now in the back which is a relief and means I may start to feel more definite kicks sooner rather than later!   All in all, no infection which is great but I do have 1, possibly 2, small kidney stones.  Hubby who had been in and out of sleep with his head resting on the hospital side table, lifted his head enough to chuckle when the doctor said kidney stones.  He’s had eight since we’ve been together.  They think my Tums consumption, (in Hubby’s words, I used to pop them like Skittles), from the first trimester in addition to my prenatal vitamins may have caused them. The pain has somewhat subsided and I think the stones have stopped moving, for now.  Some soreness is still there when I get up out of bed but I also think I need to start wearing a belly band or have more support for my growing belly and that may help.

Cravings: Peanut Butter! I got Jif Peanut Butter To-Go cups and have been eating it with apples and it is SO good! I’m still on this Chicken Sandwich kick and also have really wanted chips with french onion dip!   I’m still drinking milk at least twice a day but focusing on my water intake a little more heavily trying to flush these stones out!

Aversions: Taco Bell is the only one I could think of this week because Hubby suggested it for dinner and the look on my face communicated a definitive no.  I haven’t had Taco Bell in months and I don’t see it in my future anytime soon.

Missing Most: Warm weather.  It’s supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow and we’re currently iced in.  It’s starting to snow now and they are calling for 2-4 inches by night time, making the roads worse.  I’ve also realized when it’s cold out, my whole body tightens up and it hurts now!  I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind winter usually but this is just ridiculous!

Nursery: I’ve been procrastinating enough and now that we are stuck inside, the plan is to make leeway on her room this weekend!

Best Part of the Week: Last week, I talked about the results from my chest ultrasound.  We had a follow up with the breast specialist on Tuesday to find out if there were any additional tests he wanted to do.  He gave us the all clear and said to just keep an eye on my symptoms for the remainder of the my pregnancy! No more appointments with him unless it is necessary!  What a big relief that was! One less thing to worry about!

Can’t Wait For:  I am STILL waiting to hear when my 18-20 week anatomy ultrasound will be.  I received notification our insurance approved the appointment but now we are having a communication problem between my OB’s office sending the orders to the facility where the ultrasound will be done!  The clock is ticking and throw the holidays in, it becomes a scheduling nightmare! I have a follow up with my OB’s office from my visit to the ER for my kidney stones on Tuesday.  If we’re still having problems I’m going to see if I can just take the orders to the high-risk OB’s office myself! I’m so ready to get some new pics of our Nora!

I hope everyone has a great week leading up to Christmas and a blessed holiday season!


Until next time,


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