21 & 22 Weeks


How far along?: Today I am 22 weeks + 1 day!  We’ve been busy and the last week flew by so I’m squeezing my 21 week and 22 week post together!!

Size of the Baby: According to my apps, she is almost 12″ long and right about 1 pound!  She is the size of a coconut, corn on the cob, Nalgene water bottle, guinea pig, or a spaghetti squash!

Baby Bump: I am currently losing my fight against stretch marks but oh well, it comes with the territory, right?   Even though I’ve used body butter at least twice a day, it’s just not stopping the inevitable.  Oddly enough, the last week I’ve noticed, primarily in the morning, my bump seems a lot smaller.  I’m sure it has something to do with bloating.  However, by the end of the day it’s back to its bigger, normal self.

Gender: Still our onery little girl!

Movement: This is definitely picking up with more and more distinct bumps and thuds.  I’ve noticed the more water I drink, the more active she seems to be.    Everything I read says about this time, she’s sleeping for 12-14 hours and so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t feel her much.  The other night, I woke up at 4am and was wide awake to what felt like her dancing around and it made me giggle!  It is absolutely the craziest feeling and I love every minute of it!

Sleep: A few nights ago, my poor husband has kindly pointed out my snoring has gotten way worse. Between our crappy mattress, trying to do everything to control the snoring and support my growing tummy, I decided to try sleeping on the couch.  I think I got a 2 hour nap before I was wide awake again and couldn’t get comfortable. Luckily, by then, he was sound asleep so I knew my snoring wouldn’t bother him and I hopped back in bed.  Seems like the last couple of nights I’ve had some really good sleep (with the help of Benedryl).

Maternity Clothes:  My favorite maternity pants are getting a little tighter which makes me sad but I have some clothes to grow into!  I’m also having a girls day with my momma this coming Monday and am going to look at some new clothes while we are out!

Symptoms: Heartburn is still pretty gnarly but very thankful for a friend who suggested Nexium! I only have to take one a day and it does the trick.  I missed a dose and found out that was a bad idea when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I may vomit. Makes me wonder if this sweet baby girl will have some hair!  Speaking of the night I tried sleeping on the couch, shortly after, I began having the cramping and low back pain  I had previously.  Between that and not getting any sleep, I decided to take off work and I’m glad I did.  The pain was getting pretty intense and figured I had a kidney stone moving.  I chugged water all day and kept my feet up and by night time I felt significantly better.  I bought a new 32oz cup to measure how much water I’m drinking and trying to do at least 128oz a day.  Thursday was the first day I did it and it was a complete game changer on how I felt. I think Little Nora liked it too because it felt like she was doing the backstroke in there! I’m holding out hope my face will return to normal after she makes her arrival.  The acne I’m having is getting old and I’ve tried numerous treatments and it doesn’t help.  Yay horomones!  At my last OB appointment, I mentioned the issues I’ve had with swelling in my hands and feet (basically if I stand for more than 30 minutes at a time I look like a puffer fish).  I told her the compression socks are saving my feet and have become a necessity. After doing the tests, I just received a call Friday that all tests came back normal and although I’m still considered high-risk for developing it, I don’t have signs of Pre-Eclampsia as of right now!  I’m so glad because I don’t want to do those tests again!

Cravings: Still digging the sweets!  Donuts, cake, fruit, juice,  and SYRUP!  I could eat pancakes or french toast with syrup everyday right now!  I need to get this under control soon though.  My glucose test will be at my next OB appointment on February 6th!  Eeek!

Aversions: I gave in and had Taco Bell with the hubby a week or two ago.  I instantly regretted it and realized there is probably a reason I haven’t wanted it this entire pregnancy.  We also had our favorite mexican restaurant and it caused horrible heartburn and acid reflux so I will probably have to avoid that as well.

Missing Most: I’m still missing being able to clean/do more than one task at a time without feeling like I’ve climbed Mount Everest.


Hubby made this using part of the color palate and theme for her nursery!

Because of said reason above, I’m slowly getting Nora’s nursery cleared out to fully turn it into a nursery and not an extra room/office/dog area.  Hubby and I decided while looking at art work that it would be a lot more sentimental if we made the art for her room ourselves.  We each created a piece to start the collection this week.  I’m so excited to start making all of the different things we have in mind!  If we get the ice storm they say we are, I might have nothing but time to get her room cleaned out and maybe even put together a crib!



I made this using each cap from each vial we used during out IVF injection!

Best Part of the Week: Feeling her kick more and more.  I’ve anxiously awaited for the day when I would feel an undeniable kick.  Now that I have, I love it!  I can’t wait for Hubby to be able to feel her move.  Right now, we can tell where she’s at by how hard it is in certain areas.  I also never knew how much my heart would melt when Hubby does something as simple as placing his hand on my tummy.  I can only imagine how I’m going to be a puddle of emotions when I see him actually holding her.

Can’t Wait For:  This coming Tuesday, we have our follow up ultrasound appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine. Little Miss Stubborn will hopefully show us her face this time around so we can get some much needed pictures!

Have a great weekend and week! Stay warm!

Until next time,



20 Weeks-A Letter to Our Baby Girl


Today, I’m currently 20 weeks and 5 days!  We are officially halfway there!  My baby bump continues to grow and her kicks are getting more and more pronounced and frequent.  It’s amazing and makes it so real. This is really happening!

With being halfway, I thought I would take a break from the usual updates and do something a little different.  Here is a quick update for those who are wondering, though:

Our 20 week OB appointment went well yesterday. Nora’s heart rate was in the 140’s and I’m measuring just at 22 weeks but Doc thinks it has something to do with my fluid retention. I’ll be doing some tests this week to get a baseline in case I continue to have swelling like I have been lately. (Compression socks are my best friend!)  They want to watch me very closely for any signs of Pre-eclampsia. I also learned of some changes involving the OB practice I go to which is either going to require me to change doctors or where I prefer to deliver.  I’ll explain another time when I know more.  My next OB appointment will be February 6th and I’ll be doing my glucose test then as well.   I’m most looking forward to January 17th when we have our follow-up ultrasound to get the remainder of the pictures we need!


A little while ago, I wrote a letter to our little one when we found out she was going to be a girl.  I’ve been hanging on to it and decided I would include it with my post at 20 weeks.  I plan on making a book with all of my posts to give to her when she is older and wanted to include this:

Hello sweet girl!  We are halfway to meeting you and I can’t even begin to explain how excited that makes me.  We’ve already been planning for your arrival and I can’t believe in just four and a half short months we will be able to hold you in our arms.  There’s still so much to do!

You see, little one, I’ve dreamed of you for as long as I can remember.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Your mom. I prayed daily for the chance to be your mom.  Someday when you are older, your dad and I will tell you the story of the journey we’ve been on just to have you in our lives.  Even though it was far from simple, it was all a part of God’s plan and that makes it perfect.  After all, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to meet some incredible people along the way and learned just how strong I really could be.   Your story, from the very beginning, has been and will always be unique.  Don’t ever forget that. 

This journey has been a wild one since we’ve been together, you and I.  We’ve had a few scares from the beginning and a lot of ups and downs.  We found out you are really good at hide and seek! I always joked you knew how much I liked seeing you and you just wanted to give me the opportunity to get a few more sneak peeks.  I’m convinced you’re a jokester just like your daddy.   Even though things haven’t always been ideal this pregnancy, I’m not taking this experience for granted.  Your little kicks are gentle reminders of the amazing miracle you are and the growing you are doing.  It makes all those days of sickness and exhaustion completely worth it!

Speaking of your dad, just wait until you meet him! He is pretty amazing.  When we met, I instantly knew there was something special about him and I know you will too.  He is so caring and loving and I know he will take care of us girls, the best way possible.  We couldn’t ask for a better leader for our family and he will be your knight-in-shining armor when you need him the most.   You’ll soon find out he can be silly and fun and he’ll only want the absolute best for you.  Oh, and a word of advice, as much as we hate to admit it, he’s usually right. So, keep that in mind when you think you know more than he does.  😉

There are so many things I can’t wait to do with you.  I can’t wait to read you some of my favorite books and tell you stories from our past like how your dad and I met and about relatives you won’t be able to meet in this lifetime.  I can’t wait to have a relationship with you like I have with your yia-yia. (You’ll quickly learn to love our Monday lunch dates!) Although we may not always get along, I hope we learn life lessons together.  There will be tears and arguments and times we don’t see eye to eye but at the end of the day, I pray you’ll know my love for you overcomes it all.   Just remember I’m your mom first and your friend second. I may be crazy at times but your well-being will always be my priority.  I hope you treat people with respect and show them Christ-like compassion. I hope you learn your smile will be contagious and can instantly make someone’s day better just by showing them you care. Above all things, I hope you learn to be a kind.

I promise to hold you accountable and push you to be your best.  I promise to be there for you when you need me and let you fly when you don’t, although that won’t always be easy for me.  I promise to help build you up and be a strong woman of God. I promise to remind you, you are beautiful inside and out.  I promise I’ll be there for your first broken heart and for every bad day I’ll be your shoulder to cry on.   Most of all, I promise to tell you and show you “I love you” every day. 

While there are so many of us out here that are so eager to meet you, we can wait.  Take your time and “bake” a little longer.  But when you do arrive, baby girl, please know it will be the best moment of my life! 


Your momma