23, 24, & 25 Weeks


How far along?: I am 25 weeks +1 day today!  Time is flying by and mix that in with a horrible case of bronchitis and just being overly busy, I’m trying to catch up!

Size of the Baby: At 23 weeks, Nora was the size of a chinchilla.  At 24 weeks she was the size of an ear of corn.  This week, she is the size of a rutabaga, a prairie dog, a Napa cabbage, a baseball glove, or a head of cauliflower! Measuring over a foot long and close to two pounds, she’s growing quickly!

16507540_10100609711525640_1046788032_nBaby Bump: Getting bigger by the day! We noticed last night how round my bump is getting towards the top!  Getting a few more stretch marks but its not too bad. Adding two sub-categories here for measurement:

  • Belly Button Status: Still an innie but I can see the end nearing…which is saying a lot because I had a cavernous belly button beforehand.
  • Feet: I can still see them! Just about half of them but they are still visible!

Movement: We have definitely graduated to full blown kicks!  I’m pretty sure after each meal she does Zumba and then has a few dance parties in between.  I have noticed she responds more and more to music whether it’s her daddy playing drums or music played loudly on speakers she startles and then kicks until it stops.  I came down with a case of Acute Bronchitis last week and I noticed while I felt my worst, she didn’t move much for about 3 days.  I called my OB’s office and they asked me to go to Labor and Delivery for a Non-Stress test where they monitor her heartbeat for awhile to make sure me being sick wasn’t effecting her in any way.  Of course, within 5 minutes of getting there, she well made up for not moving for 3 days.  We were sent home after 20 minutes. Otherwise, she is still pretty low and the kicks (or punches) seem to be just below or right around my belly button.

Non-Stress Test at the hospital while I was sick.

Sleep: It’s been rough while I’ve been sick the last week.  Between coughing and congestion, I’m lucky if I can sleep a few hours at a time.  For the last 3 or 4 weeks, I have routinely gotten up at 4:30am for no reason and been wide awake.  Sometimes it can take an hour or so to fall back asleep, just for my alarm to go off right after.  I swear I think she’s already sleep training me for when she gets here!  I had to ditch the pregnancy pillow and use just a regular pillow because I was getting too hot and it was hard to roll over from side to side and switch it.  However, I have to have something between my knees or my pelvis and my back will hurt so badly when I wake up.

Maternity Clothes:  My mom and I had a girls day a couple weeks ago and I got some very cute new maternity shirts and a couple pairs of comfy jeans and leggings.  I have found if I don’t have support for my stomach, such as a belly band, I am almost guaranteed to be sore that evening.

Symptoms: The back pain has settled in and I figured I might as well get used to it for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Thankfully, one of my close friends is a licensed massage therapist and it helps! Heartburn continues to be an issue but easily avoidable with medication.  Since she is so low, (and already in head down, feet up position) I have a lot of pressure in my pelvis and am sore a lot.  She’s putting pressure on my sciatic nerve and if I sit too long or lay on my back for any length of time (which I’m only doing for appointments) it’s hard to stand and walk normal for a while.  I have to admit I also had my first  hormonal, without warning, emotional pregnancy meltdown a week or so ago.  Out of pure frustration I lashed out at Hubby, started sobbing and completely lost it.  I’m kind of surprised it took me 24 weeks to get there but man, I felt bad afterwards.  His response? “Hey, we made it over halfway there before it happened! Not bad!”

Cravings: Still about the same in this area.  Loving the sweet stuff! Hubby and I were talking the other night about how I haven’t had the weird combo cravings a lot of people get (ice cream and pickles, potato chips and ketchup, etc.)  My “weird” cravings have been anything chocolate because I hardly ate anything chocolate before and Chinese food.  Hubby is enjoying my love for Chinese food right now because he would always suggest it for dinner and my pre-pregnant self would turn it down.

Aversions: Nothing new here just overly greasy fast food still sounds awful!  Gave in one night a couple weeks ago and had McDonalds and regretted it, not to mention we think Hubby may have gotten food poisoning from it.

Missing Most: Being able to breathe through my nose!  I get major anxiety when I feel like I can’t breathe and having been so congested and not being able to fully breathe, really gets to me.  I never realized how much it bothered me until I realized I couldn’t take the usual meds I would use to get over something like this.  I was lucky enough to get an inhaler that helps with my cough.  Otherwise, me and my Neti Pot just became best friends!

The start of the next piece of artwork for her room!

Nursery: Hubby helped me move a lot of stuff out of the nursery and we are making progress!  Realizing there is just over 14 weeks left causes me to panic sometime but we’re kicking our butts into gear! I know we’ve got time but I like to help as much as possible and as time goes on, I’ll only be able to help so much.  I also started another piece of artwork for her room using branches from our own backyard.  However, finding straight branches that fit together is a lot hard than I realized and it quickly turned into a 2-day project.

Best Part of the Week: We had our follow up at maternal fetal medicine to try and get pictures of a few things she decided to hide at her anatomy ultrasound.  One of those being her face!  She was still in the same position but we were able to get a few good ones!   When I saw her face I had the “Holy crap. That’s my kid” realization.  It’s kind of funny after all this time, that’s what it took for it to hit me!  We aren’t just talking about any baby here…that is OUR baby in MY belly!

She’s got her daddy’s nose!
She had her legs and feet crossed!

Can’t Wait For:  Monday, is my next OB appointment and also my Glucose test.  I’m more ready to get that out of the way!  Also, I am excited that at the end of this month I’ll be in my third trimester! It’s so crazy it is just a few weeks away!  We also scheduled our 3D/4D ultrasound for the first week in March! I’ve already started the pep talks with Miss Nora about cooperating but we all know how that goes!

Have a great weekend and week!

Until next time,


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