26 & 27 weeks


How far along?: I am 27 weeks and 4 days today!  We are officially under 100 days until her due date (87 days to be exact)! Next week we will be in the 3rd trimester!

Size of the Baby: At 26 weeks she was as long as a scallion.  This week she is the size of a bunch of bananas, the head of cauliflower, a camping lantern, a Fennec fox, or a cucumber.  Measuring between 14-15 inches and just over 2 pounds, this baby girl is growing!

16664968_10100617041346620_8792936068165654890_oBaby Bump: I feel we had another growth spurt and my back feels it!  This past week I noticed I can actually see her kicks.  It’s the craziest thing to watch my belly jump. We can also tell when she’s favoring one side or the other because it jets out a little more or looks lumpy! I gained a few extra “tiger stripes” this past week too.

  • Belly Button Status: I’m really surprised it hasn’t officially popped out yet.  I give it a maximum of 3 more weeks before it’s out.
  • Feet: Two weeks ago I could see half of my feet when looking straight down, now I can only see my toes.  My ankles have officially disappeared from swelling. See you in a few months, ankles!

Movement: Before last weekend, her kicks were very sporadic.  I would feel her be super active one day and then it was like she wore herself out and would rest for 1-2 days with intermittent kicks, only to return with vengeance.  Starting this last week it’s been all day kicks and punches (and I’ve even noticed a few rounds of hiccups today).  I think she has finally gotten big enough to kick around the placenta and I’m able to notice it more.   I have been anxiously awaiting to have Hubby feel her kick and once we could start physically seeing my tummy jump I would grab his hand and sure enough, that little stinker would stop moving!  Hubby says they’ve worked out a deal and he’s going to be the one to calm her down.  I’m starting to see the truth behind that because not once has he been able to feel her kick even if she’s been flopping around for 10 minutes.  The moment his hand goes on my belly, she immediately stops!

Sleep: Luckily, I’m getting over my cough so that hasn’t been the cause of my random wake-ups in the middle of the night.  Between being hot and some hip and back pain and the occasional trip to the restroom, I’m still waking up 1-3 times a night, if not more.  Luckily, I think I’m just getting used to it.  If I don’t now, I know I will be forced to when she gets here!  The need for naps is also quickly returning.  I’m starting to experience some of that third trimester fatigue they talk about a little early.

Maternity Clothes:  I recently received my dress for my baby shower (and possibly for maternity photos) and a nursing robe I can wear at the hospital and during nightly feedings.  Shameless plug but I absolutely LOVE PinkBlush!

Symptoms: Ooooo goodness where do I start?  Back pain is a routine thing as well as my trips to the bathroom.  The acne has decided to kick back into gear after a few days where I was thinking it was going to subside.  Swelling has become more of a frequent issue regardless of my water intake and compression socks.  The fatigue has returned and my hips and pelvis are sore if I sit/lay in one position for any short period of time.  Other than that, I think things are going well! Haha!

Cravings: Loving sweets still, which will talk about here in a little bit.  My intense craving for milk has gone away and isn’t as frequent.  But man, do I want some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream all the time now!

Aversions: Still avoiding greasy fast food.

Missing Most: Being able to breathe, in general.  In my last blog post, I talked about having trouble breathing while sick and it causing anxiety.  Well, the sickness left but the anxiety didn’t.  As our Little Miss grows more and more and begins to push upward towards my ribs and lungs, the shortness of breath I get has caused an almost full-fledged panic attack on more than one occasion.  I’ve always been slightly claustrophobic and had a fear of not being able to breathe but nothing to bring on an actual anxiety attack.  I notice it more when I’m laying down and she has the opportunity to spread out or if I’m in a stuffy or crowded room.  I feel like my chest is tightening and my airway is closing.  Luckily, through most of them, Hubby is with me and can help talk me down.  The worst is when someone tells me to “just breathe” because the more I think about breathing the more I don’t feel like I can and I’ve learned it’s better to just get my mind off of it.  What is concerning is these “attacks” are becoming more and more frequent where I have moments multiple times a day where I have to slow down and tell myself I’m not dying and I’m going to be okay.  I am terrified of what is going to happen as she continues to grow.  I plan on talking with our new OB at our next appointment about it and see if they would recommend a referral to a therapist or another form of treatment.

The inspiration from Pinterest for our changing table/dresser!

Nursery: We are almost ready to start setting it up! I sold a few pieces of furniture out of the room to make space.  We also cleaned out K’s room because we want to surprise her with a new arrangement and new furniture for when she comes for Spring Break.  We have a few more things to move into K’s room from what will now be the nursery and a few final things to go to the basement and it will be ready to set up everything!  I finished making the initial for her room with sticks and I’m thinking about adding a border with gold ribbon or something to add some color.  Hubby’s next project will be to paint a dresser we are getting from his parents this week that will be our changing table.  For my next project, I am going to make a bow and headband holder I found on Pinterest.

The weather has been nice so we enjoyed one afternoon on the deck with a good book!

Best Part of the Week: These past 2 weeks have been really rough, to be honest.  Between hormones raging, being emotional, tests and labs results (more information at the end) and financial stress, I’m ready for this week to be over.  So, I think I’d have to say my favorite part of this week aside from seeing baby girl kick a lot would be that the weekend is on its way here!

Can’t Wait For: March 6th!  This has been declared our next baby day!  With Hubby’s job as Brew Master getting underway and the brewery opening, I tried to make it easy and make all of our next appointments on one day so he doesn’t have to miss much work.  That morning we will go to our new OB’s office since our current office is dissolving.  I’ve heard great things about the doctors and look forward to meeting them!  After that, we have a meeting with a possible Pediatrician.  Then later that afternoon, we are having our 3D/4D ultrasound! Can’t wait to see her little face!!

Labs/Results: A few weeks ago I had an ultrasound done on my gallbladder because I had a really bad bout of pain in the weeks prior.  It was so bad I was doubled over in a parking lot.  The results came back from that and showed gallstones.  As of right now, we are just going to wait since I’m not experiencing constant pain and haven’t had any attacks since then.

Because at this point if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.

Now for the big results.  I had my glucose test February 6th and found out later that week I had failed it and not just by a little either.  They scheduled a 3-hour fasting glucose test for last Monday.  Unfortunately, I found out this past week, I failed that as well.   So to add to the list of diagnoses during this pregnancy, I have Gestational Diabetes.  As my family would say, I apparently like to “go all out” for everything I do.  The day we found out was particularly hard and emotional.  Food has always been my thing which is both good and bad but specifically it’s been the best part of pregnancy for me.  I’ve eaten things I don’t normally eat, tried new things and when you have a craving the best part is eating whatever that may be! Now, that was being taken away.  I was mad and frustrated and honestly just needed a day to be pissed about it.  When I woke up the next day, I had a whole new attitude that I was going to do my best to be the healthiest for me and the baby. We are currently awaiting a phone call to be set up with an educator to go over a new diet and how to monitor my blood sugar and all of the requirements and things to avoid.  Until then, I’ve been a Pinterest maniac looking at recipes and have joined an amazing support group on Facebook. Just like I unexpectedly became a voice for infertility and IVF I now will hopefully spread the word about this.  Please pray for us as we begin to go through changes these next few weeks. I am grateful to have a supporting husband who will be motivating me to keep up with a strict diet and helping out! We also ask for prayers for Nora’s and my health for the remaining 12 weeks!


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