28, 29 & 30 Weeks-Hello Third Trimester!

28 29 30

How far along?: Today, I’m 30 weeks + 1 day!  We are 3 weeks into our third trimester!!

Size of the Baby: At 28 weeks, Nora was the size of an eggplant.  At 29 weeks, she was the size of an acorn squash.  This week, she is the size of a zucchini, a large cabbage, a butternut squash, a platypus, a cantaloupe, or a motorcycle helmet! She is roughly 16 inches long and weighs just over 3 pounds!

Baby Bump: 
The bump has definitely grown in the last 3 weeks, especially in the last two.  Although, I feel I’m carrying wide, like a watermelon, I’ve noticed my belly is growing more upward and outward!

Bump at 28 weeks!
  • Belly Button Status: Well here we are, 3 weeks later and it’s still an innie but just barely! I’ll be really surprised if it stays in for much longer.
  • Feet: I have officially lost sight of my feet when I look down from a normal standing position.  I have to lean forward and stretch my neck a little if I want to look at them.
    Bump getting bigger at 29 weeks!






Movement: Getting stronger every day, especially within the last week!  I feel all sorts of kicks, punches and rolling, ooooh the whole body rolling.  The amount of time I feel kicks is also more frequent and prolonged than they have been previously.  I can almost always see the movement now, too.  My stomach jumps around and it is funny to watch!  Hubby still has YET to see or feel her movement as he remains the calming presence that immediately causes her to pause when he is near.  Hoping that same calming presence helps at 3:00am after she’s born! Ha ha!

Sleep: I sporadically have a few nights where I sleep uninterrupted and then other nights I’ll wake up 3 or 4 times.  I’m getting used to it at this point.  My hips are tired of me having to sleep on my sides and I was just talking about how much I miss sleeping on my stomach.

Maternity Clothes:  T-shirts are getting tighter so I may have to look into getting more for spring since the majority of my maternity wear has been long sleeves.  Leggings are still my best friend at home but when I wear them I have to wear a belly band now because shes getting heavier and I need the support.

Symptoms: The fatigue has returned and I find myself wanting to lay down for a quick nap and then waking up 2 or 3 hours later, even after a good night’s sleep.  My sciatic nerve is getting more and more aggravated with the pressure she’s causing.  It’s often hard for me to change from a seated to standing position and vice versa without having to pause and make sure my legs will actually move and not give out first.  My doctor suggested a pregnancy belt, which is different than just the band and luckily a close friend has one I can borrow and will be getting it this weekend! I’ve also been going to our local indoor pool and relaxing and stretching which helps my back a ton!  Shortness of breath has continued to be an issue and I notice it at weird times like when I try to drink out of a straw or just getting comfortable in bed.  Swelling is also happening more frequently, especially in my feet.  So I’ve been trying to stay hydrated and wearing compression socks to help relieve the swelling.

Recent Labs/Results: During the start of week 29, I noticed I was feeling really itchy.  We’ve had some crazy weather these last few weeks so I initially thought it had something to do with allergies.  However, as it began to get worse with no signs of hives or a rash and antihistamines weren’t providing any relief I decided to call the OB on call last Saturday.  She expressed concern about something called Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, otherwise known as ICP.  (A great website to learn about this disease is ICPcare.org)  Essentially, ICP is where the pregnant mother’s liver does not function properly and creates a surplus of bile acids that dump into the mother’s blood stream.  This poses a life threatening scenario for the developing baby.  If left untreated it can lead to high rates of stillbirth and other devastating circumstances for mom.

Our NST last Saturday.  She’s too big to run from the doppler now!

Itching of the hands and feet are often the first symptoms seen with ICP because of the bile deposits left in the blood stream and skin. With the seriousness of the possibility of ICP, the OB had me go straight to Labor and Delivery for a Non-Stress Test (NST) since ICP can cause distress in babies and to have blood tests done to see if I indeed had ICP.  Nora passed her NST with flying colors and I had my blood drawn but wouldn’t receive results for 5-7 days.  They went ahead and prescribed me Ursodiol (Urso) which  is used to help lower bile acids in the blood stream.  While Urso helps prevent distress in babies, the only cure for ICP is delivery.  We learned at our OB appointment that following Monday, if I was diagnosed with ICP I would do weekly NSTs and ultrasounds to keep an eye on Nora and would be delivering at 36 or 37 weeks because the longer the pregnancy goes, the higher risk your baby is for stillbirth.  Tuesday, my results came back.  To be diagnosed with ICP my bile acid levels had to be greater than 10 and they were 7.7, which was good news.  However, once they put me on Urso the itchiness subsided, I was advised to keep taking it because it could be the early signs of developing the disease.  I go back at 32 weeks and will possibly be tested again to see if my bile acid levels are rising and we will decide if extra monitoring and an early delivery will be necessary.  If I’ve learned anything this pregnancy it is to expect the unexpected.  If you can get something during pregnancy, I’ll get it.


Cravings: Carbs and sweets.  Since being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, I have had to make some drastic changes to my diet and that means limiting or just not having some of the things I’ve craved this entire pregnancy.

My new (unwanted) best friend.  I have to test my blood sugar at least 4 times a day. Who knew you could hate a 3-digit number so much!?

Aversions:  Fast food still is just not doing it for me.  Before our 3D ultrasound I was told to drink caffeine (for the first time in almost a year) and eat a small meal. I knew if that was the case, I wanted a Coke from McDonald’s and had a small meal.  I regretted that decision later and it didn’t even taste that great!

Missing Most: I would say right now it would be the freedom to eat whatever I wanted.  With Gestation Diabetes, I’m having to pay attention a lot more to how many carbs I’m consuming.  Grocery shopping has gotten a lot more time consuming as I’m having to check for nutritional information and search out healthier alternatives to what I’m used to.

Nursery: Making progress! Since the last post, everything was removed from the room and I deep cleaned the floors and walls.  Now, everything in there belongs to Nora!  We painted the changing table/dresser and end table to match her bedding and crib.

Finished end table!  

We have a few finishing touches to put on them and then those will be complete.  We’re hoping to get crib set up this week.  I also completely my latest “Nora’s Nursery Project” last night.  I made a bow and headband holder that I found on Pinterest.  It’s fun to see things starting to come together.  The other day I sat in her room, rubbing my belly while looking around realizing this room was actually turning into a nursery!


Best Part of the Week: This past Monday was our day filled with doctor’s appointments for Miss Nora.  We first met one of the new OBs at the new practice and really liked him!  We’ll meet my actual OB on the 20th.  We then met with a potential pediatrician and received a tour of the office.  The Pediatrician we met was great and we seemed to have the same ideals and thoughts on care for our kiddo.  They have themed rooms from around the KC community so rightfully so, when we got to choose a room to hang out in, we chose the Royals room!  That afternoon, we had our 3D/4D ultrasound!  I hadn’t set my hopes high knowing our Doppler Dodging Daughter and her previous stubbornness at ultrasounds.   Well, it was not surprising when the first picture on the screen we saw Eleanor with both hands on the side of her face and one foot blocking the front.  I knew then, this appointment would not be any different.  Barely budging, even with caffeine in my system, this little girl was quite happy to be where she was and there was nothing changing that.  We got a few of half of her face but not a complete clear picture.  I guess she wants to save the surprise for her birthday!  We also found out she has decided to flip to being head up so here’s hoping she flips back in the next couple of weeks!

Part of our peanut’s face
Covering her face with her hand (long fingers!) She was not impressed!

Can’t Wait For: This Friday, K is coming for Spring Break!  We haven’t seen her since New Year’s so this is long overdue! We redid her room as a surprise and I can’t wait for her to see it!  My baby shower is also coming up and she will be here for that as well!

Until next time,



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