31, 32 & 33 Weeks

31 32 33 weeks

How far along?: 
I am 33 weeks and 4 days today!

Size of the Baby: At 31 weeks, Eleanor was the size of asparagus.  At 32 weeks, she was the size of a squash.  Now, at 33 weeks, Nora is the size of a stalk of celery, an entire head of cauliflower, a honey dew melon, a pineapple, a junior tennis racket, or a ferret.  At about 16-17 inches long she’ll now start packing on the pounds about 1/2 a pound a week.  At our ultrasound yesterday we found out she’s weighing approximately 4lbs 11oz and is in the 34th percentile! She is already bigger than I was when I was born. I weighed 4lbs 10oz!

Baby Bump: 

Taken today!

This thing is out of control! My big ol’ belly has started growing more outward and it’s taking some getting used to.  Trying to remember I can’t fit in certain spaces and that bending over to get things off the floor just isn’t happening anymore.

  • Belly Button Status: STILL an innie! I don’t understand it!  This pregnancy has been anything but “normal” and I’m starting to think this will be another thing that happens for most but won’t for me!
  • Feet: Feet are long gone and can’t be seen while standing without having to strain to look.  They have also grown wider and the swelling has started to increase quicker throughout the day.  I have to wear compression socks or my ankles will look  completely deformed by the end of the day.

Movement: We found out at our 3D ultrasound, our little girl decided to flip and go breech after being in the perfect position for 28 weeks.  So with that I get kicks directly to my bladder which has began this new game of “Did I Just Pee?” Her head is positioned top and center so when she gets hiccups I feel it in my sternum.  Aside from a few kicks here and there, I more feel the rolling and stretching movement. Hubby FINALLY felt her kick and hiccup a couple weeks ago and he has been able to watch the crazy alien-like movement from the outside!

Sleep: Still about the same.  I wake up 1-3 times a night for bathroom breaks and an occasional planning session of what I’m going to do the next day or week. I just can’t turn my brain off! Hips are still pretty sore and with my belly bigger it makes rolling from side to side a whole production!

Maternity Clothes:  Maternity shirts are getting stretched to the max as she pushes outward and I’ve ventured on to my husbands side of the closet for comfy clothes, (although I’m not sure he knows that yet.)  When I wear my t-shirts, they just don’t cover the bottom of my belly anymore.  I also bought some new thin, baggy PJ pants and comfy tanks for the hospital!

Symptoms: I feel I’ve caught a second-wind (maybe third at this point) and mix that in with a little nesting I’m getting the house in order for when she comes!  However, with that I’m still realizing I’m slowing down a lot more and can’t do all I want to do in the normal amount of time I’m used to.  I’ve started recently having hot flashes and headaches which I’ve heard has to do with hormones.  Frequent trips to the bathroom are a part of my daily life now.

Recent Labs/Results: In my last post, I mentioned I was diagnosed with Intraheptic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, also known as ICP.  Since taking the medications, my itchiness has continued to subside so doctor’s feel that although my blood work came back normal, it may be a false positive, so they will be treating me as if I have it anyways.  Because of this, last week I started having weekly Non-Stress Tests (NSTs) at the Maternity Center to monitor Little Miss and make sure she isn’t in distress.  A NST is where they hook up monitors to my belly and it measures her heart rate, my heart rate, my blood pressure and any contractions I may be having.  They look for accelerations in her heart rate when she moves.  So far she has passed with flying colors.  Yesterday,  she was so active and crazy she kept kicking the monitors off my belly and the nurse told her to calm down!  I also had an ultrasound yesterday at our OB appointment to check fluid levels and measure her growth since it had been almost 10 weeks since our last measurement.  Also, with me having Gestational Diabetes, babies tend to be larger than normal. Hubby and I made our guesses of how much we thought she would weigh. He guessed under 4lbs.  I said 4lbs 7oz.  She came in at 4lbs 11oz and in the 34th percentile. 17690371_10100649376197320_1310626360_n It showed she was measuring at 33 weeks and 4 days so she was just a day ahead! We were able to get a picture of her but she wouldn’t stop looking at the wand, so it’s of her face which gives that Predator the alien look.  At one point she turned just enough we saw her chubby cheeks! So cute!!

Cravings: I’m still craving sweets (especially donuts) which continues to be a bummer since I have to be very careful with my blood sugars.  I’ve been learning what I can and can’t eat and what I can substitute to get my “sweet fix”.  My go-to’s have been apples with peanut butter and Halo Top Ice Cream.

Aversions:  Mexican food at restaurants!  I’m okay if I make tacos or nachos at home, but anytime we have eaten out at a Mexican restaurant I get sick not long after.

Missing Most: The ability to bend over and to walk across a room without having to take a breather! Doing some chores around the house has taken twice as long because just lifting something above my head wears me out!  Oh man, and putting together babg items and equipment we got at her shower would have been easy for most but stubborn me didn’t want to wait for Hubby to get home so I attempted to complete it all myself. Needless tl say I was ready to take a nap after!

Nursery: I think after this week her nursery will be complete! It’s hard to believe that but we just have a few things left! Hubby is working on a gorgeous wooden sign that will have her name on it to go over the crib. I recently finished her “reading corner” and her diaper changing area.  The rest of the artwork is complete and we are just waiting on a friend’s daughter who makes origami mobiles to complete our custom mobile!  I’m so excited to see everything together!

Best Part of the Week: My baby shower was last week!! It was absolutely gorgeous and more perfect than I could have ever dreamed.  Attending family and friends’ baby showers, especially after our miscarriage, I always wondered if I would get to have my own.  I even had a secret Pinterest page called “Hope” of what I would want at my shower if I did ever get lucky enough to have one.  It was no surprise the week we found out our second round of IVF worked, I returned to Pinterest and started “pinning” everything I could find. Shortly thereafter, I asked my one of my closest friend’s if she would be willing to host it for me.  In reality, I asked her a few years ago.  She accepted and I’m glad she did.  Between her, my mom and my sister-in-law they planned for hours and put in so much hard work and I was blown away.  We had brunch, my favorite, (my blood sugar even stayed normal) and the most delicious cake make by another friend who I had appointed “official baby shower cake maker” years ago for when the time arose.  The centerpieces were beautiful along with the rest of tge decorations. My bonus daughter made the cutest diaper cake! There was SO MUCH PINK I could have squealed ( I think I did, actually.)  Best part was being surrounded by so many people who came to take part in our joy and help us spoil our little girl! I was taken back by everyone’s gifts and generosity and the love shown towards us.  I’ll post pictures below.  It was definitely one of the most memorable days of my life!

Can’t Wait For: The end of this month! My last day at work will be April 29th because they are still talking about inducing me at 37 weeks due to the cholestasis.  We are hoping to make it to May 1st! That is just over 3 weeks! AH!!! It’s all becoming so real and it’s coming fast!!!

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