34 & 35 Weeks

34 35 weeks

How far along?: I am 35 weeks and 4 days today!

Size of the Baby: At 34 weeks, Nora was the size of a butternut squash.  At 35 weeks, she is the size of a pineapple, a honeydew melon, a bunch of carrots, or a mini lop rabbit!  She should be approximately 18 inches and over 5lbs!

Baby Bump: 

We’ve had another growth spurt, I believe.  Last week, when the OB measured my belly I was right on target with the measurement.  Yesterday, I measured a week ahead at 36 weeks.

  • Belly Button Status: It’s STILL an innie!  I don’t think my “turkey timer” will ever pop!
  • Feet: My poor feet.  Even with compression socks, my feet are starting to swell more frequently.  Only time I can see them is when I have them elevated.  Also, invested in some slip on shoes so I don’t have to tie them anymore or I just wear flip flops!

Movement: At 33 weeks and 6 days, I had noticed when I got to work that I hadn’t really felt her kick since the evening before.  I checked my blood sugar and it came back normal even a little lower than usual, so I decided to eat some fruit in hopes a sugary snack would perk her up.  A couple hours went by and I still felt nothing which was very unlike her after I would eat.  My nurse had actually called me shortly after my snack to schedule an appointment so I mentioned to her what was going on that morning.  She said to drink ice cold water and to do a kick count for an hour. If I didn’t feel her move at least 10 times in an hour, I needed to call her back.  In that hour I felt 2 faint kicks but that was it, so I called back.  She sent me to Labor and Delivery for a NST to see how she was doing.  Hubby met me there and I was starting to get really nervous.  Sure enough, we arrive and the moment the monitors were strapped on, her heart was ticking away and then she started moving like crazy!! Hubby gave me the “I told you there was nothing to worry about” look.  Everything checked out fine.  They said she could’ve just been kicking the placenta and since it is in the front I didn’t feel it.  We’ve had ultrasounds where I’ve seen her moving and wiggling but feel nothing because the placenta muffles everything.  Since then, I notice more rolling and pressure rather than kicks since space is getting cramped.  I also have noticed she responds to my touch.  If I rest my hand in certain places she’ll kick or press against it. Makes me giggle everytime!

Sleep: My pelvis is starting to get really sore so anytime I roll over I wake up which then leads to a bathroom visit.  My need for naps in the afternoon is increasing.

Maternity Clothes:  Realized the majority of my casual maternity wear are long sleeves so I’m having to layer tank tops with t-shirts to make sure my belly is covered while trying to stay cool.

Symptoms: 17972236_10100661842629490_7592433611369862721_oThe emotional side of things has really kicked in and I find myself getting super choked up at certain times, some serious, some completely ridiculous. It’s really starting to hit me this pregnancy is almost over.  Although, it definitely hasn’t been easy, it is bittersweet it is coming to an end.  I feel like I was just getting used to it, (well more starting to think this was the permanent state my body was going to be in from now on).  My indigestion has ramped back up but being controlled by anti-acids.  I also officially can’t lay flat anymore because she pushes my lungs into non-existence and I can’t breathe.

Recent Labs/Results: I started weekly Biophysical Profile Ultrasounds (BPP’s) along with my weekly NSTs and OB appts.   At these ultrasounds, they are measuring baby’s heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby.  At our 34 week BPP, she did great and we saw a LOT of hair! I didn’t realize babies start “practice breathing” around 33 weeks.  They “breathe” in the amniotic fluid which helps produce surfactant to prep their lungs for when they start breathing after birth.  During the BPP they watch her diaphragm for movement.  This part took a little longer at 34 weeks but the tech said it’s probably because she had just started practicing.  She is supposed to do at least 10 seconds worth in a 30 minute period.  However, she would do a few and then stop.  We waited about 20 minutes and then she finally did it for a full 10 seconds!  At our 35 week BPP, she was breathing the entire time.  The tech said she wished all her babies would breathe as well as she did!

Cravings: Sweets, sweets, sweets.  I found ice cream bars at Aldi that work well with my blood sugars and help me get my “fix”.  I have mentioned before, I never was a big chocolate person before pregnancy but last week I wanted Hershey Kisses SO bad!  MMMmmm now I want some.

Aversions:  Eggs. The number one thing any momma with Gestational Diabetes will tell you is eating eggs everyday gets old fast.  This is the one universal food most with GD can have and it helps with your numbers.  I had to find an alternative for breakfast because I needed a break from quiches and eggs.

Missing Most: 

Our last Royals game before Nora arrives!

I can’t think of anything new I’m currently missing most but I can tell you what I’m going to miss the most.  Alone time with Hubby.  Don’t get me wrong I know we will have our fair share of date nights.  However, now I realize we won’t just get to pick up and go do things we’re used to doing and it’s not just going to be the 2 of us (or 3 of us when K is with us).  I’ve already started to experience this since Hubby started his new job and has been busy with that. Then add to it all of the last minute things we’re trying to get done in these next two weeks before she gets here.  This past weekend was nice because we got to go to a John Mayer concert and a Royals game, just the two of us.  I hope to have a night a few days before she arrives where we can enjoy one more date.


Only thing left is her name project Hubby is working on and that should be hung this week over her crib.  We got our mobile made by our friend’s 14 year old daughter and we were completely blown away!! You should check out her Etsy shop HERE!

Our handmade artwork wall including a piece from her big sister and a hedgie painted by my momma (Nora’s Yaya)
We love our Origami Mobile made by Maia Witte at Origami Mobile Studio on Etsty! Foxes, bunnies and birds!


Best Part of the Week: Earlier this month, we had our maternity pictures done by our friend and the same photographer who did our engagement and wedding photos,Valerie Tirado.  We received them recently and I’m so grateful she did them.  I’ll add them to the end of this post! Can’t wait to share them with Nora someday when we remind her she was once in my tummy!

Can’t Wait For: We received our scheduled induction and scheduled c-section dates.  So here’s the deal.  Baby Stubborn is breech and has been for almost 10 weeks now.  Meanwhile, we’ve been trying EVERYTHING to get her to move but if you have been following this blog for any length of time you’ll know that we are on “Nora Time” and what she says, goes.   At our appointment yesterday, the OB told us that she is not just breech, she is “breech breech”.  Her exact words were “Girlfriend, that little girl ain’t going no where.”  So needless to say I’m optimistic (ha. ha.) So, come next Monday we will have an ultrasound to confirm her position.  If she has flipped to head down, we will start our induction the evening of April 30th.  If she is still breech as of Monday the 24th, we will be cancelling our induction date and going with a scheduled C-Section on Tuesday, May 2nd. The countdown is officially on!! She will be here in less than 2 weeks!!!   You know it’s real when you go to buy milk at the grocery store and the expiration is for after your baby will be here! EEEEEEK!  Until then, I’ll be attempting every possible method of getting her to turn.  We’ve talked about doing an ECV (manual version) but not sure I’m the best candidate with an anterior placenta and my fluid levels.  We’ll see what the final verdict is next week!

Until then,



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